Hot, Rich and Dominant in Smashwords’ Top 25!

HotRichAndDominant3Yay! The first Hot, Rich and Dominant is at #24 in Smashwords’ Top 25 bestsellers – this makes me so happy! It might drop out again tomorrow, but just being in is an amazing Christmas present for me.

Between Christmas and New Year, I’m hoping to get some serious HRD3 time in. Thanks so much to those who have given feedback – I hear you, and I’ll do my best to leave a few plot strands unresolved for a fourth book. 🙂

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy December to those who don’t…

Thank You, Readers Who Buy!

I’m not American, but I know Thanksgiving is coming up, so I thought this would be a good time to post and thank the people who actually buy my books. Thank you!

One of the top searches that brings people to this blog is ‘read Hot, Rich and Dominant online free’. That makes me kind of sad, because I spend forever working on my books – planning, writing, editing, creating covers, writing blurbs, uploading them to online bookstores. Hot, Rich and Dominant is self-published, and there are no corporations getting rich from sales of my books (well, minus the percentage retailers take, I guess). It’s just me, and I rely on legitimate sales to help me pay my bills and rent.

I could go on about piracy all day, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is… Thank you so much to the people who do buy my books. I know you have the option to seek out a pirated version, and I’m very grateful that you don’t.

Mega, ultra, giant thanks to people who then review! I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me – even if it’s not the greatest review in the world. Hearing that people have read and hopefully enjoyed my books is such a rush. I love getting feedback of all kinds – constructive criticism included – and I always appreciate everything I get. It also helps me to get motivated to write more. 😉

The biggest thank yous ever go out to people who, having bought and read a book I’ve written, then go on to recommend me to friends. That’s like the ultimate yay. Word of mouth is powerful advertising, and every little bit helps.

So, again, if you’re a legitimate ebook customer who buys from reputable sites… thank you so much. You make a kinky girl very happy!