In Celebration of 100 Sunday Snogs: Win a Copy of Hidden Heat!


Congratulations to Victoria Blisse for her 100th Sunday Snog! Now that’s a lot of tongue action… 😉

To commemorate this milestone, Victoria is raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières – her JustGiving page is here for those interested in giving a little.

Want to win an ebook copy of Hidden Heat? Just leave a comment at the bottom of the post and I’ll pick a winner at random a week from now, on 30th September 2013. 🙂

For the 100th Sunday Snog I decided to pick a scene from Hidden Heat to share. Enjoy!

hiddenheat_800We spent the next twenty-four hours in Scott’s room, cuddled up together under the blankets, talking and eating and watching netcasts in between sexscapades. Even when we were exhausted and on the verge of sleep, I still felt a primal urge deep within me, and the anxious part of my brain continued to worry, though I locked it out of my conscious thoughts.

When the time came for me to head over to my parents’ place for lunch, I pulled on my clothing with a heavy heart. I’d tasted a piece of my perfect life, and facing the real world wasn’t something I ever wanted to do again.

In my ideal fantasy existence, I could stay in bed with Scott for as long as I wanted, taking trips to the bathroom and maybe downstairs to the soundproofed kitchen or living room to liven things up a little. Food would be magically provided, and we wouldn’t need money or to worry about people finding us out.

Being a doctor would factor in there somewhere, too, but thinking about the university just scared me today. It was too much of a reminder of the lies I had to tell on a daily basis.

And speaking of lies, I should really get going.

“See you at the hospital tomorrow, then?”

Interpreting the glum look on my face correctly, Scott wrapped his arms around me and squeezed. “You look like you’re stepping outside to get shot.”

“Maybe not shot. Vanished off the face of the earth, maybe?” Thinking of my Aunt Leah’s disappearance, I shuddered. “If I don’t come back…thank you for this weekend. It’s meant a lot to me.”

“You’re gonna be fine. Go and see your family, talk about the course, your roommates, the latest news…and then go home and call me. After the anatomy practical tomorrow, we’ll go see Beth, let her quiz you a bit.”

“I’d rather come back here and submit to your questioning.” I tried to buoy my own spirits with the teasing, and it worked—a little, anyway. Scott gave me an evil grin, and I kissed him, unable to help myself.

He curled his fingers around my waist as he responded, and I couldn’t help but kiss harder, driven by the demands of my constantly lustful body. I’d thought that actually having sex would take the edge off my craving, but it only seemed to have intensified the situation, and every tiny thing about him made my head swim with desire.

Scott drew back before I did, breathless, and cupped a hand to my cheek. “How is it possible that you’re still horny?” Beneath the amusement, I could sense unease. I obviously wasn’t the only one scared by my out of control hormones.

“Will it pass, do you think?” I needed to calm down, so I pulled out of his arms and wandered across the room. A fine drizzle was falling outside the window, and I knew I’d be frizzy-haired and bad-tempered when I arrived at my parents’ place.

“Hope so.” He sighed, ran his hand through his hair. “Not that I’m complaining on one level, but it’s going to make your training rough.”

Even that sounded sexy to me. “Okay, I’m gonna go. Maybe when I get back out into the world, I’ll remember my self-control.”

Together, we went downstairs and towards the front door. Grant heard our approach and appeared in the living room doorway. “Leaving us so soon?”

“I wish I didn’t have to,” I said, chancing a look at him. Grant was good-looking, but the urge to do entirely inappropriate things to him was only a tenth as strong as what I felt for Scott. What kind of a screwed-up situation was I in that made me relieved by that?

“You’ll be back, then?” He grinned. “I figured as much, the way we barely saw you all weekend.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the gentle teasing. There was something about Grant that put me at ease, and I was grateful for it. “Sorry. It’s been a while.”

“Wounded!” Scott staggered, as if hit by a bullet to the heart. “It didn’t have anything to do with me, personally… Any piece of male meat would have done…”

Something about his overly aggrieved tone told me he was in a better mood than his words suggested. Turning, I kissed him, meaning to just brush his lips with mine then reassure him he was the only one in my heart. Once the kiss had begun, though, I lost track of everything except how good he felt—his hand at the back of my neck, his warm chest against my breasts, his tongue just briefly flicking against mine…

“Get a room, you guys,” Grant said after a few seconds, and I tore free of Scott’s arms before I could get too carried away, blinking back tears of frustration.

“God damn it!”

“Uhhh…” Grant’s voice was confused. “I was kidding.”

“It’s not you,” Scott told him, his voice low. “She has nymphitis.”

Hidden Heat is available from Total-E-Bound Publishing, Amazon US, Amazon UK , Barnes & Noble, Kobo and All Romance eBooks. It’s the first book of a two-part story, and the second part is not yet written, although it’s fully plotted out and on my to-do list – you have been warned! 😉

Four Stars for Hidden Heat!

This review made my day – four stars for Hidden Heat from Guilty Pleasures:

hiddenheat_800What a ride! I had no clue what to expect when I started this story but was quickly sucked in to the plot. I have never seen a story with this type of futuristic take on sex and found myself wondering what people would do if it came down to suppressing professionals so that they could focus on their work. The idea that people would be put to death because they are sexually active professionals is a new twist on the idea of getting a thrill from doing the forbidden. Scott and Holly are electric when they are together and their chemistry is addicting. What I love even more, is that Scott is open minded and is more than happy to share that with his male roommate as well as Holly…

You can read the full review at Guilty Pleasures. This review makes me happy on so many levels, because Hidden Heat is the book I put a ton of thought into, but that not many people seem to have read. It’s great to know it’s been received well by a reviewer.

Must continue work on the sequel, Holo Betrayal, as soon as I’ve finished with Hot, Rich and Dominant 3! ^_^

Happy Endings

This post isn’t what you think it’s about! 😉 It’s actually about the part after that.

I’ve finished the majority of the first tale in my Suppression universe. I’ve had my characters lust after each other, distrust each other, get scared, get happy, get it on, and now they’re revealing a few post-coital secrets.

I’m a little stuck for how to end it, though. I can’t answer all the questions just now, and there’s lots left to explore… including an entire political regime to overthrow. But hey, they’ve just had sex, all that can wait for another day.

So do I segment this into a series of shorts, or do I try and novelise it? That is the question. The whole ‘some writers write to write, and some writers write to have written’ thing applies to me on both sides. I want to have it finished… but I also want to see where it’s going to take me. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet.

So I’m taking a break for the night. I’ll decide later.

Free Fall: Guest Blog by Lisabet Sarai

Lisabet Sarai guests on my blog today, to talk about her new release, Bodies of Light. Welcome, Lisabet!


“I want to make love with you in zero gravity.”

That’s a quote from a letter my husband wrote me, more than thirty years ago. When we met, we were living on opposite coasts of the U.S., and after one luminous night together, I had to return to my home and job 3000 miles away. So for the first six months, our relationship was mostly epistolary.

I wish I still had that note but it’s gotten lost somewhere over our years of moving and traveling. I remember thinking at the time that the idea was incredibly sexy. I loved the notion of floating free, limbs entwined, with no worries about weight. Every movement would be slow and graceful. You’d have to hold tight to your lover, to avoid being driven apart by the equal and opposite reaction of each thrust. It would be a strange and delightful manner of coupling.

I still feel that way. Unfortunately it appears increasingly less likely that he and I will ever realize that particular fantasy (although we have lived out many others in our three decades together). I’m approaching sixty, he’s nearing seventy, and space tourism is still a novelty reserved for the seriously rich (which I fear we will never be!)

Fortunately, I’m an author of erotic romance. Even if I can’t experience a fantasy in the real world, I can always imagine and describe it, for my readers and for myself. Today Total-E-Bound releases my science fiction ménage novella Bodies of Light as a stand-alone title. The story is set in deep space, and features a love scene in free fall.

The heroine, physicist Dr. Christine Clarkson, has devoted her lonely life to research on hyper-space travel. Her continued failure leads her to sign on to the Archimedes, a sub-light-speed mission aimed at establishing a colony in the Sirius B system. Waking from suspended animation, she discovers the ship is wildly off course and the rest of the crew are dead due to equipment failure. At first she thinks the two handsome strangers who show up on the ship are figments of her imagination – erotic hallucinations created by isolation and stress. However, Alyn and Zed are solid, real, and ready to sacrifice their lives for the strong woman they’ve come to love.

 Here’s a brief excerpt (rated double X) . Continue reading

Work in Progress – Suppression

So I’ve started writing the story based on the plot bunny in my last post. I’m referring to  it as Suppression, but that’s just a crappy working title for the moment. I have 1,100 words so far, for the first scene – and my protagonist hasn’t even met her soon-to-be boyfriend yet!

The first scene is kind of based on a conversation I was having with some friends a month or so ago. One of them was talking about her mother walking in on her while she was having some private time with her vibrator, and another of them said, “ALWAYS lock the door – unless you really like danger-wanks.”

For those who don’t know – is there anyone who doesn’t know? – ‘wank’ is British slang for masturbation. And the term ‘danger-wank’ just cracked me up… but scene one of this new story I’m writing is pretty much just that – lots of emphasis on the danger of being caught. Because if my protagonist is caught, she’ll get thrown off her medical degree course for being defective and never realise her dream.

So, sexy and dangerous – and I haven’t even introducted the guy she’ll be having lots of danger-sex with! I might even up the ante and make it so that the consequence of discovery is death. That might be fun. 😉