Smoke and Mirrors Available for Pre-Order!

You can now pre-order Smoke and Mirrors from Total-E-Bound’s website. If you’re looking for an erotic horror novella based around a circus, look no further!

I’m actually visiting the Circus of Horrors tonight, which should be interesting. If I survive without getting sucked into a funhouse mirror, maybe I’ll blog about it!

Dominance and Deception Now Available on Amazon!

Whoo hoo!

During its first quarter, Dominance and Deception was exclusively available to buy through Total-E-Bound’s online store. Now it’s been out three months, you can grab it at Amazon US, Amazon UK and All Romance eBooks, too!

Some more good news – my horror erotica story, Smoke and Mirrors (cowritten with Fleur T. Reid) will be featured in the Scared Stiff anthology due out next year. Prepare to be turned on and terrified!

Finally, Shocked is available to preorder now, and released on Monday. Grab it now!

Dominance and Deception Now Available for Pre-Order!


Dominance and Deception is now available for pre-order at Total-E-Bound’s website!

Grab the ebook now for just £3.49, and it’ll be available to you the moment it’s released on Monday. Plus, I will love you forever. 😉

If you’re holding out for something you can touch, the print version will be out in January… but if you buy an e-copy AND a print copy, I will cry with gratitude. Seriously. Prove that you did, and I’ll post pictures of my tears of joy. :p Remind me I said that in January. XD