I thought this day would never come! You can buy and read Dominance and Deception from RIGHT NOW, which is the most exciting thing ever!

If you still need some convincing, the lovely S. Dora is hosting a Q and A with me today, and there are a couple of little excerpts from the novel there. 😉

Not only that, but the awesome Ranae Rose is hosting me, too – check out the ‘kinky cop’ blog post and excerpt here!

And if you STILL need more, I’m pondering the answer to a question on Lavinia Lewis’ blog: is Dominance and Deception more about dominance, or deception?

If all that can’t convince you to zip over to Total-E-Bound and buy a copy, then nothing will!

So, what’s next?

I have a sexy little short named Battle of Thrills coming out this time next week – watch this space, and you won’t miss out!

Dominance and Deception Now Available for Pre-Order!


Dominance and Deception is now available for pre-order at Total-E-Bound’s website!

Grab the ebook now for just £3.49, and it’ll be available to you the moment it’s released on Monday. Plus, I will love you forever. 😉

If you’re holding out for something you can touch, the print version will be out in January… but if you buy an e-copy AND a print copy, I will cry with gratitude. Seriously. Prove that you did, and I’ll post pictures of my tears of joy. :p Remind me I said that in January. XD

Cover Squee: Dominance and Deception

OMG! Thanks to the lovely art department at Total-E-Bound, my first novel has a cover! Zach and Faye have bodies! 😀

I’m so exciteeeeeed! I finished my final line edits today, and now all I have to do is wait until October 10th!

*bounces around the room like a lunatic*

I would apologise for the size of the image, but… it’s amazing, so I’m not going to!

A Contrary Independence Day Post

So, today is Independence Day – which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, as a member of the nation America is celebrating its freedom from. So I’m going to blog about something completely different: BDSM and the freedom to have your freedom taken.

Does that sound convoluted? Probably. What I mean is, the freedom to choose to be owned. These days, it’s not socially acceptable to give up your will and let someone else control you – especially if you’re female. Feminists often have a pretty major problem with it, and vanilla society just doesn’t understand.

But let’s set aside the implications of misogynistic control, because in D/s relationships, that often doesn’t apply. With same-sex couples, there may not even be a man for the feminists to object to.

In my upcoming novel, Dominance and Deception, my female character chooses to become the owned slave of her Dom. Not a slave as in ‘made to work against her will without pay or a choice in the matter’. A D/s slave is very different.

Below is the collaring scene from the novel – it’s still a little rough because it hasn’t been edited yet, but you get the idea… Continue reading

Back to the Drawing Board


So Dominance and Deception, my first novel, will be out in October. And the publisher doesn’t want to release any of their future publications in the present tense. Sooooo… I have to change it to the past tense. Which really sucks, because it’s mostly written in stream-of-consciousness.

*head-desk* It’s going to take me forever to get it sounding decent in past. But I like working with TEB, so I’m going to give it a go. It’s going to drive me nuts, but I’ll give it a go.

Faye and Zach are not going to be happy… XD

News and Musings

*squee!* Dominance and Deception, my first e-novel, will be released on 10th October! This is beyond exciting. It’ll be interesting to see what the erotica-reading masses think of Zach and Faye’s exploits.

I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like. I’m hoping it won’t be like every other cover out there – because what’s up with that? The other day I grabbed a copy of a book, thinking it was the new Trudi Canavan novel, and it turned out to be some other random fantasy novel with almost identical artwork. So annoying! Everyone seems to copy everyone else these days.

In other news, my free read Lipstick hit 1000 downloads on Smashwords last night! Thank you to the 1000 people who have read it (or the one crazy individual who has downloaded it 1000 times). 😀 I’ve eaten a celebratory chocolate muffin in honour of this landmark – though if I’m honest, I probably would have eaten the muffin anyway. 😉

A Series Transformed!

I’ve managed to claw together six stories from my Sir and Little Tease series, and make them into one continuous novel. Okay, so there are time-skips of a few months at a time, but I think it works.

So – Dominance and Deception is just over 69,000 words long, and has kink, crime, menage, switching, m/f, m/m, implied f/f, discipline/punishment, danger, angst and torture – but hopefully not in a ‘WTF is happening now?!’ way. *grins* Faye and Zach are fun to write about. And inspired by TV characters in a lot of ways, if I’m totally honest. But y’know.

Glad to move the task of proofreading it to the ‘done’ list – I have enough to go through for clients at the moment (I proofread/copy edit novels as my evening job, and work in advertising/marketing as a day job!).

I’ll leave you with my little blurb:

Submission is a dangerous game…

Faye Tate is a police forensic scientist, a switch, and secretly in love with a police detective. Detective Zach Pierce has made many enemies, but his attraction to Faye is too strong to be denied.

Can Pierce protect his submissive from those who seek to use her against him, or will her devotion to her Dom cost Faye her life?