Release Date Set: Hot, Rich and Dominant 4

I can now confidently say that I’ll be releasing Hot, Rich and Dominant 4: Making a Scene at the end of this month – that is to say, by 30th June 2013 at the very latest.

It will now be the fourth book of five (Marc’s mysterious issues became unexpectedly darker than expected in this instalment!) but I’m now determined to continue writing in order to get the fifth and final part out by the end of July, a month after the June release date for part four. Since I now have far more time to devote to writing, due to changes in my working life, I’m absolutely certain I can pull this off.

Thank you for your continued nudges and enthusiasm – without them, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. 🙂


So Close…

…to finishing Hot, Rich and Dominant 2, I promise!

I’ve seen people searching for it via the search terms report for my blog, and I know I tentatively said I’d release it by the end of July. Life has taken over again, but I’m so near to finishing now, and I really hope it’ll be worth the wait.

Thank you for your continued patience. I’m just happy people are interested in a sequel, and really enthusiastic to get part two out (and hopefully a third, since a plot bunny jumped into my brain and now refuses to leave).

Watch this space… I’m determined to have this finished very soon!