‘Switching Off’ – Out Now!

Switching Off is available now as a single release at the TEB Store, Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance eBooks and Kobo, with Nook links to come. 🙂

With his collar around her throat and her pulse pounding through her body, can she switch off enough to submit to his every whim?

Nina loves her job in middle management – her dominant personality and organisational skills make her indispensable to her employers. But, when her boss puts too many demands on her department, she finds it impossible to leave her job at her desk and enjoy her weekend with her sexy best friend, Jon.

When Jon takes away her phone and tells her she’s not allowed to check her emails until Monday morning, Nina challenges his right to order her around. His response is to kiss her into silence, then to order her to her knees. What’s even more startling is that Nina finds herself obeying-though not without a fight.

Can Jon succeed in getting Nina to switch off her managerial self as well as her phone? Or will she safeword before she can reach the sublime subspace he’s promised to guide her into?

More Billionaires? Well, Since You Asked So Nicely…


I’ve been keeping this under my hat while I got it all worked out, but since the anthology is now on Total-E-Bound’s Coming Soon page… Yes! I’m in the Bound to the Billionaire anthology, which is due out with retailers on November 26th, or for pre-release for those on TEB’s mailing list on October 29th.

I’m kind of nervous, since (as with the Switch anthology), my fellow contributors are absolutely awesome and I’m still the little fish in the gigantic pond of talent. But hopefully I can bring the anthology to a roaring climax. 😉

Here’s the blurb for Die for Him, my short story:

She’s meant to guard his body, not to get up close and personal with it. But anything he wants, he gets—and he wants her.

Billionaires aren’t amongst Mia’s favourite clients. She’s a bodyguard, and in her experience only the morally defunct alpha males make the big bucks. So when she’s assigned to guard Dean Tremaine’s luscious body, she doesn’t expect to be more than superficially attracted to him. He’s getting death threats from disgruntled employees, after all. Why would she find him irresistible?

She might have underestimated how much she wants him, but he’s just as used to getting his own way as she expects. And when her main concern is his safety, the last thing she needs is for him to disregard her instructions, or to distract her with his provocative behaviour.

When he holds a business meeting in one of the private rooms of a local fetish club—a club he just happens to own—Mia’s ability to concentrate on her job is put to the ultimate test. She’s a newbie to the BDSM scene, and the kinky atmosphere of the club is more titillating than she’d ever have guessed. Not only that, but Dean is just as dominant sexually as he is professionally, and despite the death threats and her rejection of his advances, he seems determined to seduce her into submission.

Can Mia persuade the sexy billionaire to keep his hands off her for long enough to protect his life? Or will his reckless pursuit of her affections lead to disaster?

New Release: Secretly Submissive

This is a little less romance-based than most of my books – it was previously published as Daddy Doesn’t Know under my Sidonie Spice pseudonym, but I guess it looked too much like it had father/daughter sex in it (which it doesn’t!). So I’ve taken some elements out and put others in, and here it is under my Amy Valenti pen name.

Want it? It’s at Smashwords, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo and All Romance eBooks so far, and links for other sites are coming soon. 🙂

Lucy Miller doesn’t expect to run into her father’s gorgeous tennis partner, Jack, at the fetish club where she’s nervously hoping to attract her first Dom. He definitely doesn’t expect to run into her, either. They make a deal – she’ll sub for him and he’ll be her Dom for the night, and in return, neither of them will tell Lucy’s father they saw the other there.

Jack is everything Lucy’s ever dreamed of in bed – he’s a dominant man with absolutely no qualms about giving her orders. With his collar around her neck, Lucy finds joy in submission, fulfilling every fantasy she’s ever had about Jack and more!

But can they get Lucy home in time to avoid making her father suspicious?

This 6,000 word short story features a smouldering D/s dynamic between an older man and a younger woman who’s never done kink before – but she’s definitely no virgin! There’s oral sex, spanking, masturbation, voyeurism, collars and cuffs as well as hot sex, so prepare to be titillated…

Rack and Ruin, Book 1: ‘Little Tease’ – Out Now!

Sometimes switching doesn’t come easily…

Lena is a switch – seventy percent Domme, thirty percent sub. When she’s forced to give up her seat to a more Dominant man on Rack and Ruin’s opening night, she resolves never to submit to him, on principle. The trouble is, she really, really wants to…

Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he’s prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she’ll be his. But is she too stubborn to give him the satisfaction?

To complicate matters further, their charged little game has drawn the curiosity of most of the club’s regulars. All eyes are upon them, which makes Lena all the more determined not to submit.

As the months wear on, the bond between Lena and Josh deepens as the sexual tension reaches new heights – but can their almost-relationship survive the challenges thrown their way?


This erotic romance novella contains themes of BDSM/kink and alludes to F/F intimacy. There are also scenes of public play and platonic play between friends.

Grab it at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Bookstrand or All Romance eBooks now!

I’ll be honest. This one’s a self-published book, because Total-E-Bound kindly allowed me to pull out of my contract with them (they don’t allow series where the pairing is M/F for one book and F/F for another, and we got our wires crossed). Rather than wait ages and ages to release it with another publisher (regular followers of my blog will know I have a little problem with impatience!) I decided to just get it straight out there. Sooooo… yeah. *grin*

Book three is written, and book two is next on my list – so we’re looking at early spring for book two’s release, I think. As always, watch this space!

5 Stars for ‘Dominance and Deception’!

This amazing five-star review landed in my inbox today – I’m so flattered and pleased!

I’m thrilled with Ms. Valenti’s characters because none of the BDSM people are in the lifestyle due to some messed up abuse from their past […] Instead, they are everyday normal people who love to get the kink on. Oh boy, is the kink hot.

This D/s relationship, which also included a very hot ménage with Faye subbing for two men, made me want to jump my spouse […] Her techniques are pure D/s with some great mind fucking. […] Going back to basics is pretty hot […]

While it’s easy to categorize this book as a BDSM book, it’s more than just a sex book. The plot development was tightly written, detailing the work life of people in law enforcement. The twists and turns in the story kept me constantly guessing and wanting to know what was next. I loved how her story surprised me at each turn. There were no predictable scenarios and outcomes. It is so refreshing to read a romance story where the couple didn’t immediately move in with each other and profess their undying love within weeks of meeting. The book takes us through two years of loving and growth between Zack and Faye. Watching them grow closer together and the ups and downs in their relationship brought a smile to my face.

Happiness and joy! 😀

You can read the full review at The Romance Reviews, where it’s classed as a Top Pick. *squee*

The Romance Review

Izzy’s Book is Written!

I’ve just finished writing book three of my Club Alterna series (Captured). No, I haven’t written book two yet, but Smurfette was being stubborn and Izzy was fairly obliging, so… 😀

I’m so glad I managed to get her story told – after signing on for a series, I was worried that I was just going to run into a quicksand of writer’s block! Captured is with my publisher now, and hopefully I’ll be well on my way through Suspended, Smurfette’s book, by the end of the month. Watch this space!

Fighting Crime, Practising Kink

Criminals and kink – the links are forever being made in the media. If a murderer’s arrested and found to possess a vast collection of kinky porn, then naturally the kinky porn is what drove the guy to murder someone, right?


I’m blogging over at Hitting the Hot-Spot today about this very preconception. Big thanks to Kaenar Langford for letting me take her spot!

Dominance and Deception Now Available for Pre-Order!


Dominance and Deception is now available for pre-order at Total-E-Bound’s website!

Grab the ebook now for just £3.49, and it’ll be available to you the moment it’s released on Monday. Plus, I will love you forever. 😉

If you’re holding out for something you can touch, the print version will be out in January… but if you buy an e-copy AND a print copy, I will cry with gratitude. Seriously. Prove that you did, and I’ll post pictures of my tears of joy. :p Remind me I said that in January. XD

Sunday Snog: Always the Quiet Ones

It’s Sunday Snog time again on Victoria Blisse’s blog! This week I’m going for Always the Quiet Ones, which is out on October 31st. Enjoy!

“I’m topping Nic on Saturday night.”

Lee stared at the woman standing on his front doorstep, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Why?”

“Because I’m attracted to her, because she said yes, and because I knew it was gonna piss you off.”

He took a step closer, getting in her face, and Dana closed the rest of the distance between them, putting them chest-to-chest.

He swallowed hard but kept quiet. Dana decided her plan would only work if he got angry enough. “And it is pissing you off, huh? Have you fantasised about being her top? About bending her to your will and making her call you ‘Sir’?”

“Don’t push me…” He was furious but he wanted her, too. If she could provoke him enough, he’d probably take her right there and then.

“She wants me to go there with her. And tomorrow night, I will.”

His voice was a low growl. “You’re a piece of work, Dana Carey.”

She shrugged, a tremor of desire running through her as she wondered how he’d fuck when he was really out of control. “It’s not like you’re ever gonna make your move. One of us might as well do it.”

He pulled her into the house, slammed the door and strode through to the living room, rage and desire seeming to control him in equal measure. “Cancel it.”

“No.” The word had barely left her throat when he grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall with his body, shocking the breath from her lungs.

“Is this what you want, Dana?” His voice was sardonic, but he was really seeking her permission to get rough, his eyes wary in case she decided he was going too far. She could see why Nic was completely smitten with the guy—he really was a gentleman underneath it all. She was starting to fall for him a little herself.

“Right now, I want you to fuck me. Tomorrow, I plan to fuck her—”

The words had the desired effect. Lee crushed Dana to him, his lips rough against hers, his cock hard against her. She moaned his name, tugging at his shirt and stripping it off the moment he pulled back enough to allow it.

They stumbled through the apartment to the bedroom, shedding clothing along the way, and he left teeth-marks on her breast before unhooking her bra. Dana scratched her nails down his back and he sighed, grinding against her again. She made short work of his pants, taking his deliciously hard length in one fist and beginning to stroke.

“That feel good?”

He answered with another brutal kiss, tangling his fingers in her hair, yanking enough to hurt. Dana laughed and he pinned her to the bed, her arms above her head. “I could ask you the same thing. Does it feel good, knowing you can just snap your fingers and take the one person I want the most?”