Melting Mondays: Free Short Story ‘Up’ by Cerise DeLand

Welcome to Cerise DeLand this Melting Monday! Cerise is the author of Tie Me Down, and many more hot reads, and she’s kindly donated a short story for us this week. 🙂


UP! A short story of love (and high crimes) by Cerise DeLand

Diego parked his  police cruiser at the service entrance to the Stanley Hotel’s restaurant. He cursed at the traffic that had delayed him.  Who knew so many people would be up at five a.m. on a Wednesday?

He was up…for Cherry. In more ways than one.

He jammed the gear into Park, slid the key out of the ignition and grabbed his package.

Running like hell past the idling postal truck in the service drive, he flung open the door and made for the hotel kitchen.

As he passed the walk-in refrigerator, he saw Cherry’s skinny sous chef leaning over a large dark object on the floor. The thin plastic strips that kept the cold air inside the place were cloudy, but the scene was clear to Diego.

He would deal with the sous chef—and the dead man as soon as he completed his most important task.

Diego charged on, toward his goal. Cherry stood near the stoves, giving her staff their instructions for the morning. Her back was to him, her long wild red hair caught up in a net and chef’s white toque. She was tall, but built like a woman who loved food. And sex. And gave every bit of her luscious bod.. And god, to look at her curves, especially her ass, was always a treat. And the reason he was so Up this morning.

One by one, her staff members spied him and tried to suppress a grin.

She spun, curious to learn what drew them.

And when she saw him, even though she had last glimpsed him—naked, gloriously Up for her and driving right into her luscious body—she beamed at him.

“Diego! Darling, what are you doing here? Oh!” She cooed at the sight of his armful of three dozens red roses. “I see. You brought my favorites for my birthday.”

“You are my day,” he told her as he wrapped one arm around her waist, drew her to him and let her know how Up he truly was. “My day, my night, my moon and stars. Marry me, Cherry, baby.”

She cooed her agreement as she rubbed her body against his. “Yes, yes, yes!”

She framed his face with her warm hands, her elegant fingers soft against his cheeks.

“I cannot kiss you, Cherry.”

Crushed at his rejection, she examined his face.

“In a moment we will kiss and show all your staff how you make love with your lips and tongue and teeth.” He grinned at her. “But first, I must tell you that in your refrigerator, your postman is dead.”

Everyone gasped.

“He was stabbed by your sous chef, my darling. I had to give you these first. And propose. Now allow me to call the police. And then I will kiss you and make your staff jealous.”

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and brushed her breasts against his chest. “I always knew you were my hero. You solve crimes, you bring roses and you are always Up.”

All rights reserved. Copyright, 2012 Cerise DeLand.

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Love in the Kitchen: Flash Fiction and Recipes

This free e-cookbook includes a flash fiction piece for every recipe included. My contribution is a story named Sticky Sweet, along with a recipe for banoffee toast. I can’t say it’s the healthiest recipe ever, but hey – it’s got fruit in it!

It’s free for download at All Romance e-Books now, and also features flash fiction by: Lily Sawyer, Julie Lynn Hayes, Ashlynn Monroe, Berengaria Brown, J.M. Kelley, Eden Baylee, Leanne Dyck and Ryan Loveless.

Big thanks to Ashlynn Monroe for compiling and editing!

Reviews and Thank Yous…

To all of the people who have downloaded my free reads (and reviewed them, positively or not!) – thank you. It’s so interesting to see what people think. I’ve only previously had that feedback from fan fiction, so it’s great to have that same communication from original fiction readers (if on a lesser scale – fangirls are much more rabid with their fanfic love!).

At the time of writing, Lipstick is at 4.50/5 from 2 reviews, and Cursed and Compelled is on 3.43/5 from 7 reviews. Happily, the latter has two 5-star and two 4-star reviews, so I’m not going to spiral into a total pit of depression from the 1-star, 2-star and 3-star that make up the rest.

Getting the comments is kind of like playing a videogame. Get a good one – yay! Mental Xbox achievement points! Get a bad one – ouch… mistimed that jump, fell into a ravine, let’s reload and try again. I’m not going to bother editing Cursed and Compelled, but I can definitely see the points of my detractors, and now I know what not to write. 🙂

It’s kind of addictive seeing how many people have downloaded the freebies. I’m like, ‘Oooh, five hundred? Sweet!’ Once I get to a thousand, I might treat myself to some form of cake. *grin*

And having self-published freebies, I think I can understand the self-publishing bug a little more than I used to. It’s nice to have my own schedule – I’m so impatient that waiting on publishers makes me aaaaargh. See previous posts for details.

But any stuff I write that’s over a couple of thousand words will be sent off to publishers-who-are-not-me. I prefer having the ego boost of knowing that someone else has chosen to publish me… and I freely admit to the ‘ego’ part. 😉