Floored: A Kinky Excerpt

My editor tells me the release date for Floored (Club Alterna 1) will be decided over the weekend. Exciting times! Once I find out the release date for that, I’ll be able to figure out my timeline for writing Suspended, Captured and Swayed.

Since I’m procrastinating, I thought I’d post up an excerpt from Floored. It’s Friday night. It’s midnight. Why the hell not? 😉

This is how the book begins…

“They’re all watching us, you know.” Josh’s casual tone sent a shiver down my spine, and I flicked my gaze over to the spectators’ area of the play space without raising my head. I couldn’t see too well through my peripheral vision, but I got the sense that they were all there; every single person who was present the night we were introduced.

My mind spun further into a submissive haze, and I closed my eyes to try to ease it. Not that it helped. I was kneeling in front of him in my underwear – even if we were alone, that would be enough.

“We’ve drawn this game out for too long for them not to be curious. And word travels in this scene. By now, even the dungeon masters want to know what I’m gonna do to you. I’ll bet they wouldn’t even step in if I was to fuck you in front of everyone here…”

I forgot how to breathe; humiliation and longing combined to prickle over my skin. “You wouldn’t,” I said, but I wasn’t sure whether it was a declaration of bravado or a question.

“You sure about that?” Josh crouched beside me and stroked a hand over my tense, trembling body; down my abdomen, over the waistband of my panties and down between my spread thighs. I bit back a whimper as his fingers trailed over my cunt for the first time, rubbing lightly over the scrap of damp fabric, then just a little harder.

Or maybe I was pressing myself into his hand. I didn’t know any more.

“Looked at you,” he growled in my ear, his breath hot against my skin. “Desperate for me to get you off with my fingers, and we haven’t even kissed yet. You little slut.”

There was just the right amount of feigned disgust in his voice to turn me on still further. If I could remember how to speak, I’d be pleading for his kiss, his touch, his anything

He got to his feet and paced around to my other side. “I’m betting you won’t even last a five minute scene before you’re begging for me to fuck you. Maybe I should just skip the formalities and get right to it, here in the middle of the dungeon.”

My exhibitionism fetish wasn’t usually this extreme, but another surge of heat rushed through me at his words, and I was almost sobbing with frustration now. “Please… Sir…”

“You’re begging me to take you in full view of everyone here?” Josh adopted a mildly shocked tone, and I thanked god the spectators’ area was far enough away that they wouldn’t be able to hear him over the music. “Sorry, little tease. Not really my style. While you’re mine, only I get to watch you come…”

I scrambled for the last shred of my defiance, the only part that hadn’t been frayed by time and imagination, his voice and his gaze. But there was nothing left. I was tired of resisting. I wanted him, and to be his. Completely his.

“Give me your orders, Sir.”

And yeah – Lena’s appearance is based on Pauley Perrette – I should state for the record that Pauley has no knowledge of or involvement in this, though!

Club Alterna Series Progress

So, let me talk a little more about my new Club Alterna series. Floored is book one, followed by Suspended, Captured and Swayed. After that, who knows?

You can find more detailed synopses of the books, along with unofficial artwork of the protagonists of each one, on this page.

Club Alterna 3: Captured is coming along rather nicely. Isabelle is shaping up a little differently than I’d imagined her – a little snappy at times, and even shy on occasion, which I’d never have thought when I first created her character for Floored. Then again, she’s pretty peripheral in that story – she gets maybe three mentions. I might flesh her out a little better in my Floored edits.

As for Smurfette a.k.a. Alex, the blue-haired protagonist of Suspended, the second book in the series… I might have to rethink her story, since I don’t think I can convincingly write suspension bondage without trying it myself, and as you can imagine, it takes a little more expertise than beginner stuff to pull off.


Upcoming Releases: Floored and Shocked

Yaaaaay! I just sold another two stories to Total-E-Bound!

The first one is named Stubborn Switch Floored (I renamed it), and it’ll be the first book in the Club Alterna series. I have no idea when it’ll be out, but I’m guessing sometime early next year.

She wants him, but is she too proud to kneel at his feet?

Lena is a switch – seventy percent Domme, thirty percent sub. When she’s forced to give up her seat to a more Dominant man on Club Alterna’s opening night, she resolves never to submit to him, on principle. The trouble is, she really, really wants to…

Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he’s prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she’ll be his. But is Lena too stubborn to give him the satisfaction?

And remember the Shocked rewrite I was working on? I sold that, too! ;D

One wants to drain her. The other just wants her…

Nick is a psivore – he feeds from the life forces of humans, and he’s not the only one of his kind. He’s been tracking a vicious killer for months, and he’s pretty sure where his enemy will strike next.

Lissa has the strongest life force in the area, but she doesn’t even know it. When Nick tracks her to a club, hoping the killer will show up to drain her energy, it’s lust at first sight. Can he protect her from the violent intentions of the psivore he seeks, and will Lissa accept him for who – and what – he is?