Not Your Damn Submissive – Released 30th May

Fashion portrait of young magnificent woman in elegant shoes

I’ve been writing this for a month already and have mentioned it a few times on social media, but I keep forgetting to blog about it, so I thought I’d make up for that today. Not Your Damn Submissive is a novella about a submissive with an attitude problem, but hold up before you call her a brat – she has a reason for it, and if I had her issues I’d have a little defensive anger towards Doms as well…

It will be told from two perspectives – Kat’s will be one of them, and the other will be Callum, the Dom who wants to claim her despite her stated aversion to the idea. This excerpt is from his point of view.

“You don’t actually need an assistant at all, do you?” she demanded, spinning to face me and walking backwards. No matter what the issue, you did not keep Darren waiting – this we both understood.

I might as well be honest with her. “For the most part, not really.”

She threw up her hands in silent supplication to an undefined deity. “So you’re just wasting my time for your own amusement, is that it? Making me run around after you and hoping I’ll just find you so sexually irresistible that I’ll beg for you to throw me down and take me?”

There was no point in getting into this argument when I’d need to be filming within a couple of minutes. “If you really want to have this conversation, we’re gonna need a hell of a lot longer than ten minutes and considerably more privacy than this, so I suggest you drop it for now, Little Miss Badass.”

Kat glowered. “Will you quit calling me that?”

“If you stop giving me the badass routine, then yeah, happily.”

“I think I have a right to be pissed off at you for what you’ve pulled. By your own admission, you don’t need me, so what possible reason could you have except to fuck with my life? Because nobody turns down the sexual advances of Callum goddamn Connors and gets away with it…”

I should have been way more annoyed than I was. Instead, I was enjoying myself. Not many people gave me hell these days, even when it would have been justified.

Lowering my voice, I told her, “The way I remember it, there were a couple of minutes where your body was pretty much begging for it, though my memory could be a little fuzzy from the way you were rubbing yourself all over my cock…”

“Oh, fuck you!” Her voice was three times as loud as mine had been, and we’d just arrived on set. Everyone looked up to see where the cursing had come from, and Kat’s face immediately flamed crimson. She shot me a dark look but refrained from saying anything further.

I’m still scribbling away for now, but I’ll have more breadcrumbs to drop within the next couple of weeks, and the release should be 30th May, barring any major disasters. 🙂