Cover Squee: ‘Die for Him’

Yay! My publisher just sent me the cover art for my Bound to the Billionaire anthology story’s single release. Here’s the cover art for Die for Him! I have not the foggiest when it’ll be released as a single story yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. 🙂

Switch Anthology Cover – Look at the Pretty!

So, a couple of months ago I posted that I’d made it into the Total-E-Bound Switch anthology, which is out in September. The epically talented cover artist there has made this pretty for the anth, which includes the names of all the authors included (some huge talent, there – I’m in awe). Look at the pretty!


Cover Squee: Hidden Heat

Hidden Heat is the first of a two-part story set around a hundred years in the future. It’s out on 26th March, and here’s the blurb:

When your body betrays you and your government might kill you for it, can you really trust a sexy man is all he seems?

In an Orwellian future world, highly skilled professionals must be sexually suppressed, to focus them better on their work. They get one week per year to procreate: a ‘heat phase’ allocated to them by computer.

Holly had been ready to give up everything for her career as a doctor – including her sexual urges. Her body rejected the treatment, denying her access to higher medical training, but Holly used her aunt’s connections to the clinic to cheat the system. Now she’s an unsuppressed woman struggling to hide in plain sight, and to control her desires without being discovered.

If the government finds out she’s faking it, they’ll likely kill her. So when a sexy medical student named Scott turns on the charm while flashing the wrist tattoos that mark them both as suppressed, Holly is terrified of letting down her guard with him. Could there really be a secret resistance faction whose aim is to abolish the suppression laws? And if she gives in to Scott’s advances, will there be terrible consequences?

Cover Squee: Shocked

This morning I got the all-clear to show this little pretty off to you! Shocked (version 2.0) will be out on December 19th, and the cover looks like this:

Just a reminder of what the rewrite’s all about:

One wants to drain her. The other just wants her…

Nick is a psivore – he feeds from the life forces of humans, and he’s not the only one of his kind. He’s been tracking a vicious killer for months, and he’s pretty sure where his enemy will strike next.

Lissa has the strongest life force in the area, but she doesn’t even know it. When Nick tracks her to a club, hoping the killer will show up to drain her energy, it’s lust at first sight. Can he protect her from the violent intentions of the psivore he seeks, and will Lissa accept him for who – and what – he is?

Cover Squee: Battle of Thrills and Always the Quiet Ones

Two covers in one day – YAY!

They’re standard templates for 10-20K stories from Total-E-Bound, only with my name and titles on them.


I still don’t have a release date for Always the Quiet Ones, but Battle of Thrills will be out on 26th September.

That’s 75 days – not that I’m counting! ;D

Dominance and Deception Has Booty!

Now THIS stuff, I’m going to buy! Okay, not all of it, because that would pretty much bankrupt me at the moment. But the poster, the sticker, the magnet, the mug and the notebook? I neeeed them!

Click here for my Booty Box section!

I can’t fathom why anyone else would want these, but I definitely do. ;D If you buy them, send me photos of you posing in/with them, please!

Cover Squee: Dominance and Deception

OMG! Thanks to the lovely art department at Total-E-Bound, my first novel has a cover! Zach and Faye have bodies! 😀

I’m so exciteeeeeed! I finished my final line edits today, and now all I have to do is wait until October 10th!

*bounces around the room like a lunatic*

I would apologise for the size of the image, but… it’s amazing, so I’m not going to!