25% Off BDSM Books at Total-E-Bound – 30th Nov Only!

What better way to finish November than with some brand new, kinky ebooks? 😉
In celebration of the Bound to the Billionaire anthology being released this week, Total-E-Bound are giving 25% off all their BDSM titles on 30th November 2012 – that includes the following books by yours truly:

Dominance and DeceptionSwitching Off
Switch anthology (featuring my story, Switching Off, and five other scorching tales of switching Doms and subs from Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendi Zwaduk and Lauren Gallagher)
Bound to the Billionaire anthology (featuring my story, Die for Him, and five more titillating stories about kinky Doms from Sierra Cartwright, Desiree Holt, Natalie Dae, Justine Elyot and Wendi Zwaduk)

Since Die for Him isn’t yet released as a single ebook, it’ll only have the usual 10% pre-release discount for VIP TEB customers (subscribe to the TEB newsletter to gain this status!).

Go forth and stock up on kinky goodness! 😉

Cover Squee: ‘Die for Him’

Yay! My publisher just sent me the cover art for my Bound to the Billionaire anthology story’s single release. Here’s the cover art for Die for Him! I have not the foggiest when it’ll be released as a single story yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. 🙂

Billionaire Sunday Snog: ‘Die for Him’

A Sunday Snog from a billionaire this month – from my forthcoming Bound to the Billionaire anthology story, Die for Him. Warning: contains references to resistance play.

I returned to the private room I’d left Dean in and knocked on the door before opening it, giving him warning that I was there.

My breath caught as I laid eyes on him again—he was already on his feet, halfway to the door, by the time I stepped inside. “What—?”

That was all I managed to get out before the door swung closed behind me and Dean grabbed me by the shoulders, pressed me up against it and clicked the lock shut. For a split second, all I could comprehend was that his body was flush with mine, his intensely dark eyes boring into me.

I barely had time to gasp in a breath before he kissed me, though the moment seemed to last a lifetime. The warm, insistent pressure of his lips against mine sent a pulse of energy from my mouth all the way down to my toes, a good portion of it surging to my cunt and staying there. When he teased my lips apart with his tongue I just about melted, meeting each stroke of that tongue with mine before I could stop myself.

An alarm bell was ringing somewhere in the back of my lust-fogged brain, reminding me that I was forgetting something, that I needed to pull away and take stock. I tried to listen, but the signal was faint. Every time I tried to decipher it, my senses found something new about the kiss to savour, my pussy clenched with the need for him to fill me and I lost myself anew.

He finally pulled back, leaving me breathless and yearning for more.

“Mia…” His voice was a low rumble, barely audible, and I knew he wasn’t merely speaking my name, but telling me again that I was his.

Most of me was just fine with that, but the respite brought reality crashing back down around me. “Fuck, I can’t keep screwing up on the job like this. Get off me.”

Though the words almost caused me physical pain, I knew I was right to say them. Not that that made it any easier.

Dean pinned my wrists above my head, the lust in his expression plain. “If I thought you really meant that, I would. Do you really mean it?”

I struggled, but all that achieved was to make him push against me more firmly, restraining me and letting me feel his growing hard-on simultaneously. I rested my forehead against his shoulder in surrender, tilting my hips forward to rub myself against him.

“Get off me.” I was saying one thing and giving him very definite signals that I wanted the complete opposite, which was something I’d usually frown upon. But I had the feeling Dean had played the resistance game before. From the slight widening of his eyes, I was right, and he recognised the signs that I wanted to play.

He exhaled shakily, releasing one of my wrists, but slammed it back against the wall as soon as I tried to move it. “You want me to let you go? Fight harder.”

Bound to the Billionaire will be released by Total-E-Bound Publishing in November 2012. Not sure if there’ll be a single release for Die for Him afterwards, but if there are plans for that, I’ll post them. 🙂

More Billionaires? Well, Since You Asked So Nicely…


I’ve been keeping this under my hat while I got it all worked out, but since the anthology is now on Total-E-Bound’s Coming Soon page… Yes! I’m in the Bound to the Billionaire anthology, which is due out with retailers on November 26th, or for pre-release for those on TEB’s mailing list on October 29th.

I’m kind of nervous, since (as with the Switch anthology), my fellow contributors are absolutely awesome and I’m still the little fish in the gigantic pond of talent. But hopefully I can bring the anthology to a roaring climax. 😉

Here’s the blurb for Die for Him, my short story:

She’s meant to guard his body, not to get up close and personal with it. But anything he wants, he gets—and he wants her.

Billionaires aren’t amongst Mia’s favourite clients. She’s a bodyguard, and in her experience only the morally defunct alpha males make the big bucks. So when she’s assigned to guard Dean Tremaine’s luscious body, she doesn’t expect to be more than superficially attracted to him. He’s getting death threats from disgruntled employees, after all. Why would she find him irresistible?

She might have underestimated how much she wants him, but he’s just as used to getting his own way as she expects. And when her main concern is his safety, the last thing she needs is for him to disregard her instructions, or to distract her with his provocative behaviour.

When he holds a business meeting in one of the private rooms of a local fetish club—a club he just happens to own—Mia’s ability to concentrate on her job is put to the ultimate test. She’s a newbie to the BDSM scene, and the kinky atmosphere of the club is more titillating than she’d ever have guessed. Not only that, but Dean is just as dominant sexually as he is professionally, and despite the death threats and her rejection of his advances, he seems determined to seduce her into submission.

Can Mia persuade the sexy billionaire to keep his hands off her for long enough to protect his life? Or will his reckless pursuit of her affections lead to disaster?