Guest Blog: The Mettle of a Master in BDSM Erotica

I’m hosting Amber Rose Thompson on my blog today – welcome, Amber Rose! 🙂

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The Mettle of a Master in BDSM Erotica

What’s the fun if it is too simple? Sure if a man or woman falls at a Master’s feet ready to lick boots, take flogging, and strip wherever and whenever, a master may feel he/she is in heaven. But this doesn’t tell us a thing about the Master and whether they deserve the title.

Take instead an arrogant, stubborn, self-righteous individual with latent submissive tendencies percolating like bottled up soda beneath the surface of the unconscious, now there is potential for spit fire takedowns and power struggles. If the master can subdue this wild creature then the title is deserved, and the reader is in for a treat.

Between the pages of the book, crumpled sheets, reddened flesh, unseemly language, and molten tempers will be unleashed. The book can then be rated on BDSM harshness and orgasmic stimulation. Good BDSM erotica is all about Power differential and agreed upon exploitation.


Amber Rose


I write under the pen name Amber Rose Thompson. Why don’t I use my legal name? Well, I don’t want to be fired from my day job, now do I? By day, I am a public librarian working in the metropolis of New York City. I write the kinds of books that will never be offered at my library or even considered. And that is why I use a fictitious name. It is a bit sad to promote reading by day and hide my own writing while doing so. Before work, on lunch, break, and after work I write hot, erotic tales that I hope will make readers squirm and fan themselves. My one major hurdle in writing is my kitten who believes laps are for sleeping, not laptops. With this hindrance, I often write one-handed, and not for the reason your dirty mind is thinking. I hold the laptop with one hand and type with the other so my little bundle of fur can purr in her sleep. My muse for writing is my lovely and amazing partner who I’ve been married to for sixteen wonderful years. We all must get our inspiration from somewhere after all. My marriage is an interesting one, while we have been married for awhile, we actually have two marriage certificates. You see part way through our marriage we both transitioned to the opposite gender. I told you my marriage was different. I am a trans man writing under a female name, talk about gender bending and mental games.


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“Amber Rose Thompson is an excellent writer.” – Laura Antoniou, author, The Marketplace Series

Scheherezade’s Gift: Beth’s Wild and Crazy Book Reviews- “Wow talk about a hot sexy book…who knew going to the bookstore so often would get you a magical book that gets you laid by the man of your dreams.”

Tied To Passion: Sizzling Hot Books Reviews- “Tied to Passion is not for the faint of hearted…I would recommend Tied to Passion to those who enjoy erotic romances…”

Tied To Passion: BDSM Book Reviews- “ Based on sex scene alone, I would have rated this book a 4 paddle because it made me want to jump my husband after reading it….I recommend this book for BDSM light readers who like to read about a bringing an innocent to the dark side.”