Of Sawdust and Seduction

Of Sawdust and Seduction is a paranormal M/F story, now available at Breathless Press, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Bookstrand, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo and All Romance eBooks.

What’s it like to have sex with a man who can touch you from across the room and send provocative images into your mind? Zoë is about to find out…

Zoë has always been attracted to her boss, Adam. He’s hot, funny, friendly… and has more skills than she’s ever imagined.

He puts her willpower to the test on a dateless Valentine’s night, inviting her home to help him with a woodworking project. She soon discovers she has a serious weakness for men in sawdust-covered blue jeans… and that Adam has a few abilities that defy logical explanation.

What Readers Have Said…

Amy Valenti doesn’t disappoint us and we are lead on a rather interesting series of romps that take a slightly paranormal twist because good ole hunky Adam is telekinetic and telepathic, it seems. Gotta love a man who can get me all hot and bothered from across the room without even touching me AND know exactly what I want just by reading my mind. — Laci at Romancing the Book

[Zoe] is startled but intrigued when she starts feeling [Adam’s] hands on her while he is still across the room. She enjoyed the moment but was left with lots of questions. His hidden talent is super sexy and I love the fact that they are able to share images of what they want to do to each other without speaking. — Heather at Heather’s Musings

Another brilliant short by this talented writer. The tension built realistically and the paranormal twist really spiced things up. I only wish that the story was longer! Recommended to those who like a little supernatural with their romance! — Jo at Goodreads

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