Hot, Rich and Dominant 5 – No More Secrets

The series continues with a real threat to Marc’s relationship with Nell: his overprotectiveness. It’s available at iTunes, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, Amazon US and Amazon UK.




“If you don’t level with me, I can’t be your submissive. I can’t give control to someone who doesn’t trust me with the truth.”

Stepping into the spotlight…

Nell West has spent a whirlwind couple of months as Marc Cassidy’s submissive. But even as the handsome, charming vice-CEO of the Cassidy Corporation guides her into the BDSM scene at large, Nell senses he’s hiding a huge part of his past from her. What prompted him to leave the D/s community for over two years, and what exactly happened to end his relationship with his last submissive, Callie?

Conflicting emotions…

It’s not just Marc’s romantic past that remains an enigma. He’s working hard on something, but he’s keeping Nell in the dark. His intense, unspoken dedication to the project’s progress makes her uneasy. What is he planning, and why is it so important to Marc and his sister, Serena?

When the tension finally reaches breaking point and Marc’s carefully laid plans fall to pieces, Nell must find the strength to demand the same unfailing honesty from her Dom that he expects of her—whatever Marc’s reaction might be. Can she coax the secrets he’s hiding out into the open, or will he leave her with no choice but to walk away?

6 thoughts on “Hot, Rich and Dominant 5 – No More Secrets

  1. Ali says:

    I have never read any books like this and absolutely fell in love with the characters. I can’t wait for the 5th one to come out.

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Wow, thank you, Ali! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying them. I’m almost done with the final part, I promise. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hurry up please with the final book so addicted I check your website everyday amazing author love all your books xx please keep up the good work

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