Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 – Making a Scene

Nell attempts to figure out Marc Cassidy’s strange reaction to his CEO father, while taking a few new shaky steps on her recently-discovered path of submission. This is the fourth instalment of five, and is available on iTunes, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Grab your copy now!


Figuring him out…

Returning to work after her erotic fairytale weekend of opulence and submission seems frustratingly mundane to Nell West, but she’s hopeful about her newfound submissive relationship with the CEO’s gorgeous son, Marc Cassidy. It seems that Marc can’t get enough of her, either, but after a private moment in his office is interrupted by his hot-tempered father, she hardly sees him for a week. When he discusses his father with her, Marc—usually so Dominant—almost seems afraid. What’s going on behind the scenes in the Cassidy family?

Pushing her boundaries…

After their long week of separation, Marc tells Nell that he wants to try a more intense scene with her. Despite her insecurities about the mysterious blonde woman who keeps showing up around him, Nell agrees to the strict guidelines her Dom sets for the evening. But can she endure all he’s asking of her, physically and mentally, when she has so many unanswered questions?

What Readers Have Said…

Amy Valenti is a wonderful Author. Amy brings you in to the scenes with Marc and Nell. Lets just say WOW !! They are Hot !! I can’t wait to find out the details of Marc’s past and what or who opened him up to this life style. I’m waiting with baited breath to see just how far Nell will go for the man she has fallen in love with. I’m sure the next book will be even more explosive and I can’t wait. — Sherry on

12 thoughts on “Hot, Rich and Dominant 4 – Making a Scene

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! This made my day. 🙂

      I aim to have Making a Scene finished by mid-April, all being well.

  1. Readitmom66 says:

    You have got to make the next Hot,Rich and Dom longer. These short stories are great but I hate waiting for the next one. Can’t wait till April.

    • Amy Valenti says:

      I’ll do my best! Thanks for shouting out – the more people egg me on, the more likely I am to actually make time to write it… 😉

    • Amy Valenti says:

      I’m so sorry! Work commitments and a noisy neighbour are getting in the way of any quality writing time lately. All I can say is that I’ll do my absolute best to get this finished within the next couple of weeks. No more excuses after that.

  2. Joanna says:

    Don’t feel guilty for having a busy life, we are only human and things come up that are beyond our control. Although I’m totally chomping at the bit for book 4 and can’t wait to read it, I’m willing to wait for the quality work that we are use to when it comes to your books. Just take it as a compliment to your craft that we, your fans, are so excited for your next book! Love your work and I am waiting (patiently) for book 4.

  3. Readitmom66 says:

    Ok may is almost over and I am still waiting. You finished yet. LOL. We sound like children waiting for our surprise. LOL.

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Thank you for the continued prodding! I’m so sorry – had I realised I’d gain some devoted readers, I would have finished the series before posting the first book! It’s a mistake I won’t make with any subsequent series.

      Unfortunately I’ve had a pretty full schedule and poor health to go with it, but I do have something up my sleeve to ensure I have plenty of time to write throughout June and onwards. I don’t want to commit to another release date and then disappoint people if circumstances change, but please rest assured I’m still very much committed to finishing the book, and I’m determined to make it worth the wait.

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