Series: Rack and Ruin

Welcome to Rack and Ruin…

Welcome to Rack and Ruin, the perfect place to relax, voyeur, dance a little and indulge a few fetishes. Meet some of the club’s regular members and keep your ear to the ground – you might hear more gossip than you expect…

This series follows the lives of five unique women: Lena, Izzy, Tamara, Smurfette and Mel. Within Rack and Ruin’s walls, each of them discovers and slowly accepts new desires and kinks – from submission and fetish modelling to exhibitionism and graphoerotica, and even bisexuality. Whether they’re ordering Screaming Orgasms from sexy bartenders, being tied up and tormented in the dungeon, seducing vanilla DJs or resisting the urge to kneel at a stranger’s feet, there’s always something going on in this corner of the BDSM world.

Head into the club and discover—or rediscover—your own secret desires!

Opening Night: December 19th, 2011

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