Hidden Heat

Hidden Heat is the first part of my sci-fi two-part story, and it was released by Totally Bound Publishing on 26th March 2012. It’s now also available on Amazon US, Amazon UK , Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo and All Romance eBooks.



When your body betrays you and your government might kill you for it, can you really trust a sexy man is all he seems?

In an Orwellian future world, highly skilled professionals must be sexually suppressed, to focus them better on their work. They get one week per year to procreate-a ‘heat phase’ allocated to them by computer.

Holly had been ready to give up everything for her career as a doctor-including her sexual urges. Her body rejected the treatment, denying her access to higher medical training, but Holly used her aunt’s connections to the clinic to cheat the system. Now she’s an unsuppressed woman struggling to hide in plain sight, and to control her desires without being discovered.

If the government finds out she’s faking it, they’ll likely kill her. So when a sexy medical student named Scott turns on the charm while flashing the wrist tattoos that mark them both as suppressed, Holly is terrified of letting down her guard with him. Could there really be a secret resistance faction whose aim is to abolish the suppression laws? And if she gives in to Scott’s advances, will there be terrible consequences?


What Readers Have Said…

What a ride! I had no clue what to expect when I started this story but was quickly sucked in to the plot…. The idea that people would be put to death because they are sexually active professionals is a new twist on the idea of getting a thrill from doing the forbidden. Scott and Holly are electric when they are together and their chemistry is addicting. What I love even more, is that Scott is open minded and is more than happy to share that with his male roommate as well as Holly… — Alyn on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews – read full review here!

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