The Future

Hey, everyone. It’s really sad to have to make this post, but it’s also kind of a relief to be off the fence: I’m ‘retiring’ as an author, possibly for good, although I really hope not.

Most of my Facebooking readers and author friends will probably have seen me posting about not being able to write because of my health over the past couple of years. I have what’s usually referred to as ME/CFS – myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome – which has no effective treatments and no cure at the moment. It’s not a disease that kills, but it is a life sentence for the majority of people who have it, even if it’s not a death sentence. It might not affect me this severely forever, but for now it seems likely that it will, and so my writing career has ground to a halt.

My books are still available for sale, and that won’t change, so if you want to read a certain one but haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’ll still be able to do that.

To the readers, authors and friends who have supported me, critiqued me, promoted me, made me laugh and made me think over the past seven years – thank you so very much. I appreciate you so much more than I’ve shown. And I’m sorry I’m not able to continue writing any of the books I’ve been sharing WIP excerpts from.

Maybe one day I’ll come bursting back onto the BDSM romance scene with ten completed novels ready to publish – but if not, please know that you guys made my dream career possible, even if it was only for a little while. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Amy Valenti – July 2017


If anyone wants to keep in touch, my email address is: amy (at) amyvalenti (dot) com for as long as you can see this website – I don’t tend to check comments on blog posts, nor do I get email notifications for them, so a comment here likely will go unread for months or years. x

Not Your Damn Submissive/Dom About to Hit KU – Last Chance for Nook/Kobo/iTunes Readers!

Not Your Damn Dom New AReFrom January 1st until at least March 1st, the Denial series (Not Your Damn Submissive and Not Your Damn Dom, plus Denial 2.5,  These Damn Suspicions) will be going into Kindle Unlimited. I thought it’d be a good idea to let non-Kindle readers know now, just in case there are people who want to pick up their copies before the epub and pdf versions are no longer available.

You can find all the links to Not Your Damn Submissive here, and Not Your Damn Dom here. These Damn Suspicions was a December mailing list free exclusive, so if you missed out, KU is your only option for a while.

For those wondering, Not Your Damn Toy will be available for a couple of weeks everywhere before hitting KU, but I don’t even have a firm release date for that yet. Watch this space!

NYDT Potential Covers

There’s Just Something About Print Copies…


The pretties are here! Don’t get me wrong, I love ebooks – and the fact that I haven’t needed to buy a new set of shelves for my overcrowded bedroom in a while! – but there’s just something about holding a print copy in your hands that’s incredibly satisfying. When I read an ebook version of a book that blows my mind, I have to own a physical copy of it.

There are giveaways a-coming! Five days left to enter the one on Goodreads, but that’s not all – there’ll be Rafflecopters and Facebook giveaways coming up, too! Keep an eye on my FB page for details.

Join Amy Valenti’s Street Team!

Street Team Graphic

You might have noticed the ‘Wanna Get Closer?’ sign-up box in the sidebar already, but here’s where I’ll go into detail about what it’s all about!

A street team is a give and take between author and readers – the readers get free stuff, and the authors get a little bit of publicity in return. Check this out:

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  • Participation in discussions about what you, as readers, really want to read, and what you really hate to see pop up in books. This helps me to write hotter, more awesome stories, which is pretty much a win/win for all of us!

What I Get

This is what I’m asking for in return for entry to my inner circle! No, that’s not a euphemism… 😉

  • Honest Amazon and/or Goodreads reviews of the free books I send you
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Aaaand…that’s it! Seriously. That’s all.

Want in? Just enter your email address in the box to the top-right of the page. 🙂 I’ll be setting up a secret Facebook group for the street team in a week or so, and I’ll contact you when I have it done!

Sexy Reads Price-Dropped to $0.99 for Black Friday!

Here’s the list of fantastic books price-dropped to$0.99 today, ahead of the Cyber Monday Facebook party where you’ll be able to win and grab freebie codes for yet MORE books from the same authors!

Heartstrings by Adriana Hunter
The Alpha’s Touch Box Set
Burning For Him by Michelle Fox
My Alpha Billionaire by Tawny Taylor
Naughty (Box Set) by Kami Kayne
Hopelessly Broken by Tamryn Ward
Protecting The Pack by Tabitha Conall
Evading Nevah by Danielle Duncan
Wild Impulse by Lexi Lane
Need Me – Being Trevor’s Toy by Charlotte DeCorte
Little Tease by Amy Valenti
The Warlord’s Concubine by J.E. & M. Keep
Skin Deep by Dez Burke
Vegas Knights by Marina Maddix
Shifter Romance Boxed Set
Syria’s Seduction by Starla Cole
Havana Curves by D.H. Cameron
All Access by Karolyn James
New Adult Romance Boxed Set
The Stronger, Safe Kind by London Casey
West For Love by Clarie Charlins
Alice’s Steamy Wonderland by Julianne Reyer
Dominating by Malia Mallory
The Billionaire’s Wife by Ava Lore
Rocked by Clara Bayard
Her Billionaire’s by Julia Kent
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod
Curves For The Lone Alpha by Molly Prince
Modern Wicked Fairy Tales by Selena Kitt
Lucky Girl by Emme Rollins
Rock Star Romance Box Set

‘Not Your Girl’ – NaNoWriMo 2013

Well, I’m two days into National Novel Writing Month, and just about to jump into the 1000-word Write or Die session that’ll put me on par for November 2nd. I have to write at least 1666 words per day to make it to 50,000 by the 30th November, and though I’ve been procrastinating a fair amount, that’s because I only decided to switch to writing this story idea on 30th October! So I’m still working it through in my head.

I can tell you that the story will be BDSM-based, and will be about a couple who’ve known each other for years, but fate has never quite allowed them to get together…until the events of the story finally change that, of course.

It’ll be called Not Your Girl unless I can think of a better title further down the line. Cover art will probably follow on a day I’m feeling like putting off writing again… 😉

And since I know I’ll be asked the question – yes, I’m still working on HRD6. I just need a little break from Nell’s current predicament, because trying to get her out of it is driving me insane!

My Official Website is Now!

Happiness and joy! I managed to figure out how to do the hosting/domain thing and so my blog has moved to 🙂 Hopefully nothing will go catastrophically wrong. I’ll be figuring out how to offer an exclusive free story to newsletter subscribers soon.

All this does mean I’ve been procrastinating a little bit, but I’m still working on HRD5 and am still planning to get it out this month!

New Year’s Resolutions for Erotic Romance Fiction

I think that since 2013 is fast approaching, a few resolutions might be on the cards. Not sure if any of my fellow erotic romance authors are thinking of doing the same thing, but I thought I’d put mine out there and see if anyone else is of the same mind!

Resolution #1: Finish what I start.

HotRichAndDominantIt’s probably my biggest failing as a writer – I have a terrible attention span. I get all excited about a story arc, get a couple of instalments in, then get distracted by a new and shiny idea that is just begging to be written. You should see the state of my hard drive – the amount of stories I’ve started and abandoned would shock you!

Because I started out my writing career in the fan-fiction world (and turned some fics into original fiction before EL James and the Fifty Shades boom, thank you very much!), this habit used to reap rewards: write a chapter, proofread it, post it, and bam – feedback within a couple of hours. That got pretty addictive.

However, when people are paying for your stuff you can’t just abandon it to chase a new, shiny idea every five seconds. I’m starting to realise that, and I am going to be better at finishing what I start in 2013, starting with Hot, Rich and Dominant. Part three (probably followed by four) is next on my cards, and once I’ve finished up Nell’s and Marc’s story I’m planning to return to the world of Hidden Heat to finish the sequel, Holo Betrayal.

Then I might go on and let myself dabble in my new BDSM thriller’s world (tentatively titled The Intimate Stranger, and I could go on for pages and pages about it if I wasn’t trying to be good!) before I return to Rack and Ruin for Smurfette’s story. The poor girl has been without a Mistress for far too long…

Resolution #2: Steer away from 2012’s clichés.

mehThis year, erotic romance has seen a huge surge in popularity, which is absolutely fantastic – for me, for fans of the genre who no longer need to hide their guilty pleasure, and for authors who are finding their way into the hearts of readers and the bestseller charts. However… there are certain things that are starting to get old, at least for me.

How many times this year have you read about the heros of your favourite books telling the heroines, “Come for me”? More than a few, I’m guessing. I’ve been guilty of writing it myself, I’m sure – it used to be one of the hottest things I’d ever read, the first couple of times I noticed it. Now, though? I’m starting to roll my eyes every time it crops up in something I’m reading. The more it’s used, the less effect it has on me.

It’s probably something that was a cliché way before 2012, but this year is the first I’ve submerged myself completely in the world of erotic romance, so forgive me for being a bit slow on the uptake.

I also want to steer clear of billionaires once I’ve finished Hot, Rich and Dominant – I’m not sure about your average reader, but as a writer I feel like that genre is 100% tapped out – sort of like the zombie genre in horror at the moment. Zombies and billionaires have been everywhere this year! Now, billionaire zombies… that might be an interesting combination, but probably not romantic in the slightest. 😉

If you’re reading this, what are your own personal hated clichés? Help me avoid them if possible! No promises, but I can do my best…

Resolution #3: Do more research.

bondage photopinYou might be thinking, ‘Boring!’ at this one – but when you’re writing about BDSM it’s more fun than you might think to research it. Whether it’s talking to sadists, masochists, Dom(me)s or subs about their experiences or having a little refresher course on what it’s like to be tied up and tormented, there’s always a new experience to be enjoyed and written about. Though admittedly, sometimes it can be hard to take notes at the time, what with your hands being tied and everything. 😉

Sometimes I wonder if I’d be into kink if I didn’t want to write about it. Then I laugh at myself for even having that thought. *grin*

Resolution #4: Diversify.

diverseloveIt’s true that I’m mainly a kinky writer these days – I just like the D/s dynamic, and the less formal sadist/masochist one, too much to write stories that are completely vanilla. But even while sticking to elements like pain-play and submission, there’s so much you can do with erotic romance. I’d hate to be the kind of author who just churns out the same story with slightly different locations and characters every time.

So my resolution is to do as much with the genre as I can – I want to write some inter-racial BDSM in 2013, and stories about some big, beautiful submissives as well as thinner girls. I want to write a post-apocalyptic kinky romance. I want to turn some traditional story tropes on their heads. I have a million different ideas, but I won’t be exploring them until I’m done with resolution #1, obviously.

I’d better end this post before I start getting too enthusiastic about new stories before I finish the ones in progress. 😉

'Meh' photo credit: Яick Harris via photopin 
Bondage photo credit: dadevoti via photopin
Tree photo credit: Sand Creation via photopin

Hot, Rich and Dominant in Smashwords’ Top 25!

HotRichAndDominant3Yay! The first Hot, Rich and Dominant is at #24 in Smashwords’ Top 25 bestsellers – this makes me so happy! It might drop out again tomorrow, but just being in is an amazing Christmas present for me.

Between Christmas and New Year, I’m hoping to get some serious HRD3 time in. Thanks so much to those who have given feedback – I hear you, and I’ll do my best to leave a few plot strands unresolved for a fourth book. 🙂

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy December to those who don’t…