Secretly Submissive

This is a little less romance-based than most of my books – it was previously published as Daddy Doesn’t Know under my Sidonie Spice pseudonym. It’s been reworked slightly, and here it is under my Amy Valenti pen name.

“I don’t know if you can take what I have to give, Lucy. I like to make my women misbehave and then punish them with a good, hard spanking. And I’m not always a nice guy in bed.”

Lucy Miller doesn’t expect to run into her father’s gorgeous tennis partner, Jack, at the fetish club where she’s nervously hoping to attract her first Dom. He definitely doesn’t expect to run into her, either. They make a deal – she’ll sub for him and he’ll be her Dom for the night, and in return, neither of them will tell Lucy’s father they saw the other there.

Jack is everything Lucy’s ever dreamed of in bed – he’s a dominant man with absolutely no qualms about giving her orders. With his collar around her neck, Lucy finds joy in submission, fulfilling every fantasy she’s ever had about Jack and more!

But can they get Lucy home in time to avoid making her father suspicious?

This 6,000 word short story features a smouldering D/s dynamic between an older man and a younger woman who’s never done kink before – but she’s definitely no virgin! There’s oral sex, spanking, masturbation, voyeurism, collars and cuffs as well as hot sex, so prepare to be titillated…


What Readers Have Said…

Wow! Fast paced very enjoyable story. — Heather at Goodreads

OOOooooooooo naughty naughty naughty, but fun hehehehehe. Yet again I made the right choice. Another great book. Looking forward to the next — Linda at

An excellent story of how a sexy young lady gets herself out of a difficult situation. Daddy mustn’t find out, but how does she ensure that? Great story that kept me reading untill the very end. I will certainly be looking out for more from this particular author. – Pete at