Dominance and Deception

Submission is a dangerous game…

The one question you never expect your hot, Dominant co-worker to ask— “Faye, are you dating my ex-submissive?”

Great. Now Detective Zach Pierce will think I’m a Domme and a lesbian. I’m actually a bisexual switch who’s been dying to kneel at his feet for years. And the reason he’s asking this question? My casual sub has been pulled into the interrogation room at work and is showing every sign of being a duplicitous, possibly murderous bitch.

Then again, if she’s had a hidden agenda this whole time, I’m taking my collar back—and that means I’m single. As far as I know, so is Zach.

With the embarrassing secrets our shared ex is revealing about me to him, this could be the start of a very interesting relationship…or the ruination of a treasured friendship.

I’ll be in my forensics lab waiting for the drama-storm to pass…

* Note – this is a re-release. Grab the one linked to from this page to get the up-to-date book.

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