Complex Triggers

Tamara is a sub with a problem. All the submissives in the erotic novels she reads, and a few of the real-life subs she knows, seem to be able to orgasm on command…but she can’t even make herself come with someone else in the room. Worse, her last couple of play partners have been disappointed with her inability to perform in the bedroom. How will she ever find the Dom she craves?

Evan is new to the area, and upon his first visit to Rack and Ruin, Tamara catches his eye. Every relationship he’s been in has crashed and burned because of his mistakes, but something about this sweet, damaged submissive compels him to try again.

They’ve both suffered in the past, but when unexpected news shakes Evan’s world to its foundations, Tamara must decide if the love she’s found is worth facing a fresh onslaught of hurt…

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