Club Rack and Ruin: Trilogy Edition

Club Rack and Ruin – the perfect place to connect with new people, relax with friends and maybe even meet the Dom of your dreams…or the Dom you never knew you wanted.

Join Lena in Claiming His Tease as she battles with her instinct to submit to a man she’s never met before. Why does Josh have to be so calm, so patient, so damn sexy? And why does she feel the urge to kneel at his feet now, when she hasn’t submitted to anyone in years?

Join Izzy in Model Submissive while she falls under the spell of a guy who seems vanilla until he gets out his camera. Has being laid off from her office job really affected her confidence so much that she needs to submit instead of dominate? And is Luke even interested in her as more than a subject to photograph?

Join Tamara in Complex Triggers as she faces her inner shame at not being able to orgasm in front of her sexual partners. All of her friends are finding love, but her inability to come makes her play partners feel inadequate. Is there a Dom out there who won’t judge her or demand more than she can give? Can she dare hope it might be Evan, even if her friends warn her he’s not the Dom for her?