Ad Infinitum

This is a very short free story set after the events of Dominance and Deception. If you read this first, you’ll spoil yourself for the last third of the novel! Go read the book instead and come back later. 🙂

Ad Infinitum

“It’s been a year.” Faye spoke quietly, gazing out of the window at the rising sun.

Behind her, I stood in the doorway to the bedroom, watching her with concern. She didn’t turn, but she felt my eyes on her and smiled a little. “Don’t worry, Zach. I’m not gonna freak out.”

“Even if you did,” I said, my voice slightly rough with early-morning fatigue, “it’d be okay.”

Her mode of address worried me. A year ago, I’d sat on the couch in this room, drinking coffee and preparing to tell my slave that I was dissolving the bond between us. I’d done it abruptly, severing all ties, confiscating the collar of ownership around her neck, and the ring on her finger that symbolised the same thing. I’d denied her the right to call me ‘Sir’, which she’d done whenever we were alone together since the night we’d begun our relationship.

I didn’t tell her why at the time. I couldn’t have. If Faye’d known that she was of target of death threats made with the aim of destroying my life, she would have been visibly nervous, and that would have endangered her. So I’d broken her heart to keep her safe, praying that I’d be able to make it up to her one day.

It had been the hardest thing I’d ever had to do. And just now, a year on, she’d called me by my given name. That wasn’t like her.

Faye touched the collar at her throat, remembering. I ached to go to her, to take her in my arms and reassure her that everything was all right, but I couldn’t be the one to decide that things were fine. Not after what had happened last year.

The broken heart had only been the start of it.

Faye had been captured and tortured. A man I’d once commanded back in the Marine Corps, one with an old grudge against me, had cut the skin of her upper arms to ribbons with a box-cutter, and then seared her thighs with a soldering iron. By the time I’d found her, she’d been injured badly enough to be permanently scarred, mentally and physically. Even now, back in the safety of my arms, she still had the occasional nightmare.

Today was the first anniversary of our forced separation. A few weeks from now would come the anniversary of the day she was tortured, and a few months after that would be a year from the day she’d testified in court against her attacker, who’d been jailed for twelve years.

It was hard to predict which date—at least, which date before Aldridge’s release—would disturb her the most. She seldom talked about any of it anymore, and I avoided bringing it up for both our sakes.

“It was like I was broken.” She said it simply, no trace of melodrama in her voice. “You just disappeared from my life, and I couldn’t deal with it.”

An apology rolled onto my tongue, but I swallowed it. I’d already apologised more times than I could count, and she’d always told me not to. “I know.”

She turned to look at me then, and her lips curved slightly in appreciation as she registered my shirtless state. The rising sun lit the room with a marmalade glow, just as it had that morning, a year ago. Her hair seemed impossibly red, and her pale skin was almost luminous.

Stepping out of the ray of light, she crossed the room and stood on tiptoe to kiss my forehead. “I’m not gonna return the favour, Sir.”

A knot of tension uncoiled—I hadn’t realised until then that it was there. I pulled her into a tight hug. “Wish I could go back and change it, little tease.”

“I’m not blaming you. You know that, right? I’m just…remembering.” She went over to the couch and waited for me to sit down before positioning herself at my feet. That day last year, she’d tried to do this and I’d stopped her, insisting she sat beside me as I uncollared her. The difference today reassured us both.

I stroked my fingers through her loose red locks, then tugged gently at the collar around her neck. Smiling, she tipped back her head, looking up at me without turning around. “I still love wearing this.”

Leaning forward, I kissed her, encouraging her to turn and kneel between my legs to return the embrace. She sighed against my lips, something she knew drove me crazy, and I dragged her into my lap, groaning softly as she straddled me and rocked against my quickly hardening cock. “There something you want, little tease?”

“Re-negotiation,” she said.

I blinked at her, unsure what to make of the word. She’d reset her limits within BDSM play after her abduction, seeing physical restraints, role-played kidnapping and any form of inflicted pain as too close to her ordeal for comfort. I’d been careful not to violate her new limits in any way. Occasionally I slapped her ass in reprimand for excessive brattiness, but I kept those teasing disciplinary taps light and painless—symbolic, more than anything else.

“What do you need?” I asked, searching her face for clues.

She swallowed, as though apprehensive. “I wanna try and get used to being bound again, Sir. Can we try?”

Surprised and pleased, I nodded slowly. I hadn’t been sure this day would ever come, and I’d almost resigned myself to the idea that it never would. The idea of trussing her up made my cock jump, but even though she felt it and smiled a little, I forced myself to slow down. “Why the change of heart?”

“He took away something I love,” Faye explained, her brow furrowed. “And I want it back. I don’t know if I can handle it…but I want to try.”

Her courage was humbling. I didn’t have the words to tell her how proud I was of the way she was dealing with this, so I pressed my forehead against hers, vowing mentally to be worthy of her trust. “Tell me when, little tease, and I’ll see to it.”

“I was hoping for now, Sir. If you don’t mind.”

Her enthusiasm reassured me that she was up to the task. “Go to the bedroom, find the leather cuffs and the clip.”

Without hesitation, she did as she was told. After taking a moment to strategise, I followed her to the bedroom, shedding the remainder of my clothing on the way.

Faye pressed against my back as I reached the bed. My pulse accelerated when she rested her cheek against my bare shoulder blade, her arms encircling my waist. In each hand, she held a cuff. I took them from her, expecting her to step back the moment I did, but she stroked one palm down my abs to playfully brush across the head of my cock.

I’d named her ‘little tease’ for a reason. Well, maybe not that reason, since I’d had no way of knowing how she was in the bedroom when the nickname had come to me—but I’d fantasised. And I’d been right—about the teasing, at least.

I’d never thought she’d have it in her to accept my dominance outside of the bedroom. The depth of her submission never failed to impress me, especially these days.

Turning to face her, I gave her a swift, hard kiss. “Undress, then get down on your knees.”

She sank into the position with unthinking grace as I sat on the edge of the bed. I never got tired of watching her kneel for me, would never take it for granted. I beckoned, and she crawled the short distance to sit on her heels between my thighs, her gaze flitting from my cock to my face and back again.

Knowing what she wanted—hell, what I wanted—I kept her waiting for a couple of seconds before holding out one of my hands. “Wrist.”

She placed it in my hand with a tiny pout that seemed to ask how I could possibly have her so close without making her suck me. I closed my fingers around her wrist at the same time as I took a fistful of her hair and dragged her mouth down to my hard-on.

Faye giggled around my cock, going to work with her usual enthusiasm and coaxing a groan from my throat. She knew exactly how to make me harder, exactly what to do to make my composure slip, and as she continued it grew difficult to remember why I was holding her wrist.

Once I reined in the urge to fuck her mouth, I remembered the cuffs. Letting go of her hair, I buckled a leather strip around her wrist. It had been so long since she’d worn these that the action was almost unfamiliar. After securing one cuff in place, I teased the sensitive pulse point underneath it with my finger. A soft moan around my cock was my reward, and I let go of her hand, fearing for my control if she carried on making those sweet vibrating sounds of pleasure.

“Other wrist.”

Without taking her mouth from my hard-on, she switched which hand she was using to stroke up and down my shaft. The mischievous eye contact she gave me as I began to cuff the other wrist almost made me lose it.

“Fuck, I love you, little tease.”

Her eyes softened, then sparkled as she slowly made as if to draw away from the blow job to speak. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her farther down, a token reinforcement of my dominance, and she giggled again, flicking her tongue just right…

I finished cuffing her fast, then drew her up into my lap before I came in her mouth and ruined my plans for her. She sat with a knee on either side of my thighs, pressing the wet warmth of her cunt against my shaft.

Before she could distract me, I picked up the heavy-duty metal clip that would fasten her cuffs together. Resting it gently against her clit, I watched her carefully. “Arms behind your back, then ask me for it.”

“Please, Sir, cuff me?” Her voice was slightly unsteady at the contrast between the cold metal and her warm skin.

I leaned forward, kissed her hard as I clipped her wrists together at the small of her back. She drew in a shaky breath against my lips, pulling at the restraints to test their solidity.

I drew back to gauge whether she was in any danger of panicking, ready to free her at the first sign of distress.

For a moment, she went somewhere I couldn’t follow, remembering something about her ordeal with a slight frown. Just as I was about to prompt her to safeword, she found some inner strength that steeled her determination, and nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”

I watched her for signs of discomfort, but she appeared unafraid.

“Safeword if you need out,” I told her as a precaution.

She smiled and agreed, her anticipation now plain.

Unable to bear the wait any longer, I guided her down onto my demanding cock, closing my eyes at the feel of her hot, tight flesh around me. She was so obviously turned on by the way she was bound, by the way I controlled her… and Faye always intoxicated me.

She gave a tiny cry, mixed pleasure and impatience that reassured me of her mindset. I wrapped both arms around her body, pulling her tightly against me and gently sucking the fluttering pulse-point by her throat, something she could never resist. She arched her back, brushing the hard points of her nipples against my skin, and I fought my baser urges to respond with a slow, provocative kiss to her lips, tormenting her in the best possible way.

Faye whimpered, tugging at her restraints in frustration and bucking her hips against me. Begging without words for me to hold her still and fuck her.

Relenting, I steadied her so she wouldn’t overbalance off my lap. “Dance for me, little tease.”

It was more of a challenge with her arms behind her back instead of gripping his shoulders, but she rose to meet it admirably. I watched her body undulate, letting the practised, unashamedly hedonistic surges of her hips drive me towards the brink. When I looked up into her face, she gave me a wicked smile. “I love watching you watch me, Sir.”

“And I’ll be doing plenty of that in the future. But right now I have something different in mind.”

I overbalanced her onto the bed, catching her as she squealed and fell, then made sure her head and shoulders were supported by pillows before plunging into her from behind. She bit back a cry, which didn’t work for me. “Let me hear you, little tease. I need to know you’re enjoying those cuffs.”

She moaned freely and sensually, testing the restraints just for the love of feeling herself immobilised. “I love this, Sir. I’ve missed the way you fuck me when I’m bound…”

My breath coming fast and harsh, I pounded into her pussy, reaching around to rub her clit, driving us both towards the edge. Faye gasped out curses, prayers, pleas for me to make her come, reassuring me without actually saying that she hadn’t succumbed to panic.

“You don’t come until I do,” I growled in her ear.

She wrenched at her cuffs in playful protest, pushing her ass back against my thrusts. It couldn’t have been clearer that the events of a year ago were nowhere near the edges of her mind, and that was almost more of a turn-on than I could stand. Her total trust and submission belonged to me. She belonged to me.

It didn’t take much longer for either of us. I ordered her to come only a second before I lost control and let the climax take over, feeling her tense and quiver around my cock in an intense, lengthy response that could have been one orgasm or three. Before long, we were a breathless tangle of relaxed limbs in the middle of the bed, the ghosts of the past set behind us for now.

Once I could move, I unclipped the cuffs from each other, which unbound Faye’s arms. She turned over and rolled her shoulders, adjusting to freedom again, then wrapped her arms around me, nuzzling my shoulder contentedly. We lay there for a while, only moving to drape a blanket messily over our cooling bodies, and regained our equilibrium.

Finally, she raised herself up on an elbow to ask, “So, were the cuffs good for you, too?”

I tugged gently on her collar, holding her gaze with a slight smile. “Proud of you, little tease.”

It wasn’t often that I made such open statements, and her expression brightened. “I know it’s only a little step, but—”

“One step at a time,” I reminded her, pulling her close and kissing the top of her head. “We have what we have.”

Faye smiled, her cheek shifting against my chest, extra warmth creeping into her tone. “Yes, Sir.”


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  1. Ondrea Leikvoll says:

    So glad to get a glimpse of Faye as she heals. Now I can believe she will be okay. (Yes, I know it’s fiction!) I just love these two together.

  2. cassandra *cassie* wiley says:

    i loved the visit back with Faye. it troubled me alittle that her ordeal affected her so much but that ehat happens in real life. i am happy that she is healing and moving on. i am also happy you shared her journy with us.

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