Complex Triggers Update

Those of you who pre-ordered Complex Triggers (Club Rack and Ruin 3) might notice that your pre-orders have been cancelled. I’m so very sorry about that.

Why have they been cancelled? Basically, because by midnight tonight I’m supposed to have the final manuscript of the book submitted to Amazon in time for the release date (which is 28th November). Not sure why they need to sit on it for ten days, but to cut a long story short, I need those ten days to finish up and edit. My health hasn’t been fantastic recently and the length of the story seems to have grown a bit, but I’m still determined to get the book out – if not this month, then next month.

Just as proof that I’m still working away on it, here’s a little excerpt:

Complex Triggers New Social MediaLight kisses trailed from my tailbone up to the nape of my neck, Evan’s breath hot against my skin as he spoke in between each one. “I’m gonna do something new now. Are you allergic to Sharpies?”

I frowned even as a shiver of delight followed the path his lips had taken. “Sharpies? As in the pens?”

“Yeah. Are you allergic to the ink?”

“No, Sir.” I tried to figure out exactly what he was going to do. He didn’t seem like the type to write ‘Master’s slut’ all over my body or ‘enter here’ with an arrow pointing to my pussy or ass, but if I was wrong about that I guessed I’d just have to accept it as something my Dom liked and hope the rest of his kinks balanced that one out.

He laughed. “I can practically hear you trying to work this out. Relax, pretty girl. Let me handle this.”

I took it as an order and made myself melt back against the bed again, breathing deeply to centre myself.

“Good,” Evan said softly. “Now, this is gonna be a little cold and tickly, but if you move you’ll screw up what I’m trying to do, and trust me, you don’t want that. Let me know if you plan to move so I can take the pen away. Okay?”


He sat to one side of me, the warmth of his skin pressing against mine as he leaned over to rest his arm on the opposite side, getting into position to write or draw whatever he was planning onto my back. For a second an involuntary ripple went through my skin, and I winced inwardly. “Sorry, Sir. I couldn’t control that.”

“I was expecting it. Don’t worry. Relax.”

I tried to do as he suggested, and smiled at the first cool touch of the pen against my flesh, just underneath one of my shoulder blades. It tickled, but I could handle it, and even without being able to see his face I knew Evan’s focus was completely on my skin – his canvas. It was a heady sensation, and for the first few minutes I felt almost self-conscious before my mind let go of the worries. There was no way for me to keep track of time, and all I could do was focus on the light strokes of the pen’s nib against my skin, trying to track the patterns he was making to come to some kind of conclusion as to what he was drawing. It wasn’t working all that well, though. The only thing I could discern was that he wasn’t writing words.

A long time passed, and I fell into a headspacey daze—concentrating, yet drifting at the same time. Eventually, Evan drew back, murmuring, “Almost done.”

“Thank you, Sir.” It seemed like the right thing to say.

He capped a Sharpie with a click and leaned down to tilt my head for his kiss. I met it with hazy contentment, still rousing from my watchful but dreamlike state. Evan kept it gentle, his tongue darting out to touch mine, then drawing back, and I found myself chasing the deeper elements of the kiss, instigating them myself, pleading for more with my lips and tongue alone.

Evan drew back with a light nip at my lower lip. “Let me finish this, pretty girl. Then you can have what you want.”

Thank you so much for your patience, everyone. I’m working hard to try to bring the book to you as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing quality.

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