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You might have noticed the ‘Wanna Get Closer?’ sign-up box in the sidebar already, but here’s where I’ll go into detail about what it’s all about!

A street team is a give and take between author and readers – the readers get free stuff, and the authors get a little bit of publicity in return. Check this out:

What You Get

  • Free books (advance reader copies, a.k.a. ARCs)
  • Free short stories, with input from YOU – you’ll get to read them three months before anyone else sees them!
  • Exclusive cover, blurb and excerpt previews
  • Dedications in my book acknowledgments
  • Contests to win more free stuff and to have characters named after you
  • The occasional guest appearance from some amazing bestselling authors in the erotic romance genre
  • Participation in discussions about what you, as readers, really want to read, and what you really hate to see pop up in books. This helps me to write hotter, more awesome stories, which is pretty much a win/win for all of us!

What I Get

This is what I’m asking for in return for entry to my inner circle! No, that’s not a euphemism… 😉

  • Honest Amazon and/or Goodreads reviews of the free books I send you
  • Facebook shares and/or Twitter retweets of any new promotional stuff I put on social media – I won’t overload you, don’t worry!

Aaaand…that’s it! Seriously. That’s all.

Want in? Just enter your email address in the box to the top-right of the page. 🙂 I’ll be setting up a secret Facebook group for the street team in a week or so, and I’ll contact you when I have it done!

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