Hot, Rich and Dominant 6 – Two Days Until Release!

Since I’ve finished the writing and am hard at work on the edits and such, I thought I’d give you a preview of what’s to come. Here’s the very first part of book Hot Rich and Dominant 6 – Risk and Reward!

HotRichAndDominant6AReI jerked into consciousness with disorienting suddenness, instinctively reaching out a hand to the empty side of the bed for my Master. What was that noise?

I sat up in bed, listening intently, trying to discern where the sound had come from. Nothing followed. Maybe I’d imagined it?

I wasn’t too worried about Marc’s absence, since sunlight was already edging through the small crack in the drapes. It was Sunday, so we didn’t have to be at work, and Marc sometimes let me sleep in while he cooked breakfast or worked out in the downstairs gym.

I’d just started to lie down again, intent on snuggling into Marc’s pillow and pretending he was still here to cuddle up to, when the noise began again. Six bangs in rapid succession, and this time, I knew exactly what they were.


I threw on clothing as fast as I could and ran downstairs, my heart pounding triple-time. Who was shooting? Was Marc okay? What about everyone else who lived here? Visions of Marc lying dead in a pool of blood, an entire clip of ammunition emptied into his chest, ran through my head. The silence was now thick and ominous.

And you’re running towards the person with the gun?

Sentinel meowed balefully at me as I entered the kitchen, slipping out between my legs into the hallway before I could react. I let him go, my nerves on edge as I realised there were large windows on three sides of me. Whoever had the gun could easily see and shoot me from outside without me being any the wiser. The hair on the back of my neck prickled against my new collar as I sought cover behind the kitchen island…

Find out what happens next on Friday, 28th February 2014!

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