Black Friday – Fight the Crowds, or Curl Up with a Sexy Book?

What are your plans for this year’s Black Friday? Are you planning to go shopping with a million and one other people, or are you staying out of the cold with some good food and a book or two by these amazing authors, for just $0.99 each?

Michelle Fox ~ Tawny Taylor ~ Kami Kayne ~ Tamryn Ward ~ Tabitha Conall ~ Danielle Duncan ~ Adriana Hunter ~ Aspen Hayes ~ Charlotte DeCorte ~ Amy Valenti ~ J.E. and M. Keep ~ Dez Burke ~ Marina Maddix ~ Starla Cole ~ D. H. Cameron ~ Karolyn James ~ London Casey ~ Claire Charlins ~ Julianne Reyer ~ Malia Mallory ~ Ava Lore ~ Clara Bayard ~ Julia Kent ~ Michelle McCleod ~ Molly Prince ~ Selena Kitt ~ Emme Rollins

I’m one of over 25 authors who are getting together for a fantastic Black Friday – Cyber Monday promo, and we’re all reducing one of our books to $0.99 for Black Friday. Mine will be Little Tease, book one in the Rack and Ruin series, and on Cyber Monday at the all-day Facebook party you’ll have the chance to win book two, Model Submissive. You’ll also be able to grab a code to get Secretly Submissive (not part of the Rack and Ruin series, just a short story) for absolutely FREE – all you have to do is be paying attention at the right time. 🙂 I’ll post more details on the day!

Lots of the above authors have fantastic competitions going as well, and you won’t have to sign up for any mailing lists – this is just for fun…

Cyber Monday Banner

Want in? Join the party invite list now, and watch out for my announcement of the Little Tease price drop on Facebook and Twitter – it’ll be around midnight on Thursday. 🙂

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