Sunday Snog – Switching Off

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Snog! Here’s an excerpt from Switching Off, featured in Total-E-Bound’s Switch anthology.

switchingoff_800Jon seemed to sense her unease as he stroked his thumb across her cheekbone, affection in his eyes. “I’m the same guy you’ve always known, Nina. I can just see how much you need to let go of everything for a while. If you don’t want to do this, it’s fine. And if you do, I’ll go as slow as you need. Your choice.”

Nina closed her eyes, nuzzling her cheek against his palm. His intensity intoxicated her, and her usual stress-filled, whirling thoughts seemed to subside whenever he got this close. What harm could it do?


Even with her eyes closed, she could sense him relaxing. He took a deep breath. Then, his voice rougher than usual, he murmured, “Open your eyes.”

With an effort, she did, and looked up into his face. He seemed to be examining each of her features anew, from her forehead to her chin, but lingering on her lips. His were so close, she couldn’t help but tilt her head further up, bringing her face closer to his. Daring him to take the next step.

Meeting her defiant gaze with a slight smile, he slipped his hand to the back of her neck again and squeezed gently. Her knees went weak and, as her eyelids fluttered shut again, he pressed his warm lips to hers.


She swayed forward, her breasts grazing his chest as he wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her in close. His kiss was confident, dominant, almost controlling, and as she tried to push her tongue into his mouth he forced it back with his, taking full possession of her. And still he gripped the back of her neck with a solid, unrelenting pressure, making doubly sure she understood who was in charge.

The subtle presence of her lace and cotton thong had gone unnoticed for hours, but now Jon was all but fucking her mouth with his tongue she felt every minute sensation against her sensitive cunt. She shifted in his arms, moving closer, and felt the beginnings of his hard-on press against her lower belly. Moaning into his mouth, she stood on tiptoe to press the hardening ridge in his jeans against her clit, slipping her hands into his back pockets and drawing him even nearer.

Jon broke the kiss with a growled curse, moving his hand up into her hair and tugging her head back by a fistful of her blonde curls. “Oh, you want me to fuck you now?”

Nina began to nod, then winced as the movement made her scalp twinge. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for years. Are you up to the challenge?”

He gave her a heart-stopping smile and abruptly released her, stepping completely out of reach and leaving her so unsteady she wanted to crumple to the floor. “If you’re up to my challenge, Nina, I’m up to yours. Let me see you kneel for me.”

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