New Year’s Resolutions for Erotic Romance Fiction

I think that since 2013 is fast approaching, a few resolutions might be on the cards. Not sure if any of my fellow erotic romance authors are thinking of doing the same thing, but I thought I’d put mine out there and see if anyone else is of the same mind!

Resolution #1: Finish what I start.

HotRichAndDominantIt’s probably my biggest failing as a writer – I have a terrible attention span. I get all excited about a story arc, get a couple of instalments in, then get distracted by a new and shiny idea that is just begging to be written. You should see the state of my hard drive – the amount of stories I’ve started and abandoned would shock you!

Because I started out my writing career in the fan-fiction world (and turned some fics into original fiction before EL James and the Fifty Shades boom, thank you very much!), this habit used to reap rewards: write a chapter, proofread it, post it, and bam – feedback within a couple of hours. That got pretty addictive.

However, when people are paying for your stuff you can’t just abandon it to chase a new, shiny idea every five seconds. I’m starting to realise that, and I am going to be better at finishing what I start in 2013, starting with Hot, Rich and Dominant. Part three (probably followed by four) is next on my cards, and once I’ve finished up Nell’s and Marc’s story I’m planning to return to the world of Hidden Heat to finish the sequel, Holo Betrayal.

Then I might go on and let myself dabble in my new BDSM thriller’s world (tentatively titled The Intimate Stranger, and I could go on for pages and pages about it if I wasn’t trying to be good!) before I return to Rack and Ruin for Smurfette’s story. The poor girl has been without a Mistress for far too long…

Resolution #2: Steer away from 2012’s clichés.

mehThis year, erotic romance has seen a huge surge in popularity, which is absolutely fantastic – for me, for fans of the genre who no longer need to hide their guilty pleasure, and for authors who are finding their way into the hearts of readers and the bestseller charts. However… there are certain things that are starting to get old, at least for me.

How many times this year have you read about the heros of your favourite books telling the heroines, “Come for me”? More than a few, I’m guessing. I’ve been guilty of writing it myself, I’m sure – it used to be one of the hottest things I’d ever read, the first couple of times I noticed it. Now, though? I’m starting to roll my eyes every time it crops up in something I’m reading. The more it’s used, the less effect it has on me.

It’s probably something that was a cliché way before 2012, but this year is the first I’ve submerged myself completely in the world of erotic romance, so forgive me for being a bit slow on the uptake.

I also want to steer clear of billionaires once I’ve finished Hot, Rich and Dominant – I’m not sure about your average reader, but as a writer I feel like that genre is 100% tapped out – sort of like the zombie genre in horror at the moment. Zombies and billionaires have been everywhere this year! Now, billionaire zombies… that might be an interesting combination, but probably not romantic in the slightest. 😉

If you’re reading this, what are your own personal hated clichés? Help me avoid them if possible! No promises, but I can do my best…

Resolution #3: Do more research.

bondage photopinYou might be thinking, ‘Boring!’ at this one – but when you’re writing about BDSM it’s more fun than you might think to research it. Whether it’s talking to sadists, masochists, Dom(me)s or subs about their experiences or having a little refresher course on what it’s like to be tied up and tormented, there’s always a new experience to be enjoyed and written about. Though admittedly, sometimes it can be hard to take notes at the time, what with your hands being tied and everything. 😉

Sometimes I wonder if I’d be into kink if I didn’t want to write about it. Then I laugh at myself for even having that thought. *grin*

Resolution #4: Diversify.

diverseloveIt’s true that I’m mainly a kinky writer these days – I just like the D/s dynamic, and the less formal sadist/masochist one, too much to write stories that are completely vanilla. But even while sticking to elements like pain-play and submission, there’s so much you can do with erotic romance. I’d hate to be the kind of author who just churns out the same story with slightly different locations and characters every time.

So my resolution is to do as much with the genre as I can – I want to write some inter-racial BDSM in 2013, and stories about some big, beautiful submissives as well as thinner girls. I want to write a post-apocalyptic kinky romance. I want to turn some traditional story tropes on their heads. I have a million different ideas, but I won’t be exploring them until I’m done with resolution #1, obviously.

I’d better end this post before I start getting too enthusiastic about new stories before I finish the ones in progress. 😉

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10 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for Erotic Romance Fiction

  1. These sound like great resolutions, Amy. I particularly like the one about being more diverse. The best writing advice I ever got was to finish EVERYTHING you start. It takes a ton of discipline, but it has improved my writing so much it’s worth it. (And I’m terribly undisciplined in all ways.) Happy New Year!

    • Amy Valenti says:

      Happy New Year, Normandie! 🙂 I’ll be doing my best to follow that advice as well. I just hope it’s not going to be my author equivalent of ‘eat more healthily’ (the resolution I always break by the second week in January!).

  2. Jen Wright says:

    Awesome post, Amy!
    I am 100% with you on resolution #1 – it’s my weakest link as well. About a month ago I had to put my foot down and force myself to move all my new shiny ideas to the side and work on finishing the rest of my Finding Home Series.
    Happy New Years and Good luck with all of your resolutions!


  3. S.Dora says:

    Good list!

    I decided not to make any resolutions, because to me that’s the fastest road to hell. 😉

    However, I had to promise my wife to stop looking at the same story at least a dozen times to change yet another tiny detail to give the smut just that little bit more psychological depth in a way that’s far too subtle to be picked up by 98% of the readers anyway (but hey, I know it’s there)

    (of course I too have a couple of stories I’ve started and haven’t finished so far…)

    • Amy Valenti says:

      I’m glad your wife is able to nudge you to move on to new stuff when you need it! 😀 I’m the complete opposite…

      I think every writer always has two or three on the go – or at least, that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better! x

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