Four Stars for Hidden Heat!

This review made my day – four stars for Hidden Heat from Guilty Pleasures:

hiddenheat_800What a ride! I had no clue what to expect when I started this story but was quickly sucked in to the plot. I have never seen a story with this type of futuristic take on sex and found myself wondering what people would do if it came down to suppressing professionals so that they could focus on their work. The idea that people would be put to death because they are sexually active professionals is a new twist on the idea of getting a thrill from doing the forbidden. Scott and Holly are electric when they are together and their chemistry is addicting. What I love even more, is that Scott is open minded and is more than happy to share that with his male roommate as well as Holly…

You can read the full review at Guilty Pleasures. This review makes me happy on so many levels, because Hidden Heat is the book I put a ton of thought into, but that not many people seem to have read. It’s great to know it’s been received well by a reviewer.

Must continue work on the sequel, Holo Betrayal, as soon as I’ve finished with Hot, Rich and Dominant 3! ^_^

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