Did Somebody Say ‘Five Star Reviews’? :D

Yes! The Switch anthology is going down a storm amongst the erotic romance reviewing crowd – we’ve got not one, but two five-star reviews  for the anthology as a whole so far!

You can find the full reviews at the links provided, but they had this to say about Switching Off:

…as with anything I have ever read by this author, it gets right into hot sex scenes and some pretty interesting predicaments. Management is stressful. No doubt about it. How wonderful that our heroine Nina has a Dom in the closet friend in Jon who can help her with her little problem. And take her in hand he does. Nina was a bit of a pill at first, but as Jon works her into submission, I found myself sighing contentedly wishing I could borrow him for awhile. ~ Long and Short Reviews


Switching Off was a fantastic read with a delightful insight to what many may feel about themselves and doubts they may have about how they live their lives. Well expressed and fun reading all the way through and most definitely a good way to switch off and realign a much needed part of life for most all of us.  I realize this does not work for all but under the right circumstances could be fantastic. The wit and saucy undercurrents made the story so realistic that you could just see it unfolding all around you. Loved it.

First off, I just want to say that if I had a friend like Jon…well. Ummm. Yummy. What are friends for if not to spank you when you need a reality check and give you some quality time devoted to stress relief. Nina was a little cranky, but she warms up quick to some of the tricks Jon has up his Dominant and oh so sexy sleeve. This story gives new meaning to the term friends with benefits. ~ Erzabet’s Enchantments


Last but definitely not least, one of my fellow TEB authors, Donna Gallagher, had this five-star review to add to the mix!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Switching Off. I believed Nina’s personality and attitude, most likely caused by her demanding workload, one that would be easy for other women in similar positions to relate to. Jon, I fell in love with from the onset, if only we could all have a calm and confident friend like him. The BDSM scenes, and there was a fair amount of spanking going on, did not detract from my enjoyment of the story, like other books I’ve read have, because Nina’s thoughts and her reasons for becoming a submissive were so skilfully relayed to me by the author. For me there were no “as if” moments but plenty of “Mmmm! that could work” thoughts. I loved it. ~ Donna Gallagher on Goodreads

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