‘Hot, Rich and Dominant 3 – Making a Scene’ Excerpt

Just to thank you for your patience and convince you that yes, I am working on Hot, Rich and Dominant 3, here’s a little taste:

The door into the open-plan office swung closed behind us, putting Stella out of earshot, but we stood in the hallway in silence, not looking at each other, watching the numbers on the elevator as it ascended to our floor. I fidgeted, trying to convince myself that I was expecting more than I’d get from Marc this afternoon. Just because he and I had something going on outside the office, that didn’t mean he’d disrupt both of our schedules for a quickie…did it?

The elevator doors opened, revealing an empty interior, and Marc let me step inside first before following. He hit the button for the floor on which his office was located and the doors slid smoothly shut.

The next thing I knew, Marc was pressing me back against the elevator wall with his entire body, tilting my head back to give me a hot, intense kiss. I sighed happily against his lips and surrendered, wrapping both arms around his neck and savouring the taste of his oh-so-talented tongue.

Marc broke off to rest his forehead against mine, and I gazed up into his dark eyes with a mental swoon. “I’ve been dying to do that all day, my sub.”

I couldn’t help it. I grabbed his head and kissed him this time, and he gave a low, approving growl as he dug his fingers into my hips and kissed back. Only the soft ding of the elevator as it reached its destination was enough to tear us apart.

In the now familiar reception area outside Marc’s office, I glanced around for the assistant I’d yet to actually lay eyes on. “Is your PA still on her honeymoon?”

“Apparently they decided to extend it a week, but personally, I think she’s gearing up to quit.” With a gentle yet firm grasp on the back of my neck, he guided me past the empty desk and into his office. “Which I can’t bring myself to care about, because her absence means I can do whatever I like to you in here, and she won’t hear any of it. Kneel.”

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