More Billionaires? Well, Since You Asked So Nicely…


I’ve been keeping this under my hat while I got it all worked out, but since the anthology is now on Total-E-Bound’s Coming Soon page… Yes! I’m in the Bound to the Billionaire anthology, which is due out with retailers on November 26th, or for pre-release for those on TEB’s mailing list on October 29th.

I’m kind of nervous, since (as with the Switch anthology), my fellow contributors are absolutely awesome and I’m still the little fish in the gigantic pond of talent. But hopefully I can bring the anthology to a roaring climax. 😉

Here’s the blurb for Die for Him, my short story:

She’s meant to guard his body, not to get up close and personal with it. But anything he wants, he gets—and he wants her.

Billionaires aren’t amongst Mia’s favourite clients. She’s a bodyguard, and in her experience only the morally defunct alpha males make the big bucks. So when she’s assigned to guard Dean Tremaine’s luscious body, she doesn’t expect to be more than superficially attracted to him. He’s getting death threats from disgruntled employees, after all. Why would she find him irresistible?

She might have underestimated how much she wants him, but he’s just as used to getting his own way as she expects. And when her main concern is his safety, the last thing she needs is for him to disregard her instructions, or to distract her with his provocative behaviour.

When he holds a business meeting in one of the private rooms of a local fetish club—a club he just happens to own—Mia’s ability to concentrate on her job is put to the ultimate test. She’s a newbie to the BDSM scene, and the kinky atmosphere of the club is more titillating than she’d ever have guessed. Not only that, but Dean is just as dominant sexually as he is professionally, and despite the death threats and her rejection of his advances, he seems determined to seduce her into submission.

Can Mia persuade the sexy billionaire to keep his hands off her for long enough to protect his life? Or will his reckless pursuit of her affections lead to disaster?

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