Melting Mondays Guest – Polly J. Adams on Knee-Tremblers

I’m going to try to schedule in as many Monday guests as I can from now on, and here’s the first: Polly J. Adams. Welcome, Polly!


I didn’t realise I was writing a serialised erotic romance when I started on the first story. I decided I wanted to write a few fast-paced, explicit short stories, and I decided to call them ‘Knee-tremblers’. The trouble was that as soon as I started on the first one, a simple tale of a knee-trembler at a party with a friend’s husband, the characters got into my head and wouldn’t leave. What would be the consequences of that quick knee-trembler? How would it affect the friendship? And surely it must be a one-off event – they wouldn’t do it again, would they?

This developed into a set of five stories following this little menage, with a series of twists revealing that there was far more going on than a simple knee-trembler. Unlike a lot of erotic fiction, this was more about the characters and story. Sure, there was still plenty of sex, but it was there was a lot more to it.

Those five stories brought the sequence to a conclusion, and my protagonist had gone from sexually curious to a sexual adventurer, but still I couldn’t shake her off. Pretty soon, I’d launched into a follow-up series, which I called Indulgence, after the sex club where much of the action would take place.

This second set was the real romance story: my protagonist wanting more than just casual sex, becoming intrigued by the enigmatic owner of Indulgence and their growing relationship.

The set of eight stories are available separately, or all together in a single volume, which is, effectively, an erotic romance novel. It was fun, and it’s definitely something I’ll do again. In fact, I’m working on one right now.

Extract: Knee-tremblers and Indulgence: an omnibus edition (all eight stories in a single volume)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I dig myself a hole and then I keep on digging.

It all started at a dinner party. A group of friends, some colleagues from work. One of those colleagues, Katie, brought her husband, Reuben, having already confided in me that their marriage was on its last legs and they were trying to breathe a bit of life back into it. Her husband was hot, we flirted, we sat next to each other at dinner, our legs touched, his hand strayed to my lap. You know how it goes.

All of it, just a bit of flirting. Some fun. I could have left that party and thought no more of it. I’m a flirty kind of person. I like a laugh. I like a bit of innuendo. I like to engage with someone and think that maybe in another life something could have happened.

But no, he was married to my new colleague and they were struggling to get their relationship back on track and so while flirting was probably a bit too much, there could certainly be nothing more.

So we went through and fucked in our host’s bathroom, urgent and intense up against the door.

Like I say, I dig my holes and then I dig them deeper.

So, we’d crossed a line, but maybe we could still put it behind us. Except, he got my number, started to text, started to tell me how he couldn’t get me out of his head and I realised he wasn’t just stringing me a line. I couldn’t get him out of my head either.

Text messages became a phone call, which led to him visiting my apartment one evening when he should have been at home fucking his wife, who’d had an entire evening planned for him.

I felt bad about that. Of course I felt bad. But by then we’d been taken over. Nothing was going to stop us.

Not even a gangbang at a club Reuben had taken me to. Me blindfolded, men – I’ve no idea how many men! – taking it in turns  to fuck me and wank over me, so that I ended the evening covered in semen and sweat and tangled in Reuben’s arms at the centre of a mass of bodies.

That night we definitely crossed a line.

Where do you go from there?

You go back to work the next Monday, that’s what you do. You spend the morning quietly tucked away in your office, head down in paperwork, trying to forget your lunch date with Katie.

Just in case you ever find yourself in the same situation: that’s what you do.

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