New Story – Switching Off – to be Featured in TEB’s ‘Switch’ Anthology

Yay! I’ve made it into Total-E-Bound’s ‘Switch’ anthology, which will be released in September this year. The theme of the anthology is BDSM switching, from Dominant to submissive (or vice versa).

My contribution will be called Switching Off, and will feature a woman with a dominant attitude to her work/life in general. When the stress of her life gets too hard, she takes her her sexy male friend up on his offer of a night of submission…

Here’s the blurb. 🙂

With his collar around her throat and her pulse pounding through her body, can she switch off enough to submit to his every whim?

Nina loves her job in middle-management—her dominant personality and organisational skills make her indispensable to her employers. But when her boss puts too many demands on her department, she finds it impossible to leave her job at her desk and enjoy her weekend with her sexy best friend, Jon.

When Jon takes away her phone and tells her she’s not allowed to check her emails until Monday morning, Nina challenges his right to order her around. His response is to kiss her into silence and then to order her to her knees. What’s even more startling is that Nina finds herself obeying—though not without a fight.

Can Jon succeed in getting Nina to switch off her managerial self as well as her phone? Or will she safeword before she can reach the sublime subspace he’s promised to guide her into?

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