Erotic Horror Story Smoke and Mirrors – Out Now!

Yay! My collaboration with Fleur T Reid, Smoke and Mirrors , was released yesterday. It’s part of the Scared Stiff collection (classy title, I know!), and if you buy it from Total-E-Bound’s website, you’ll be entered into the draw to win five ebooks of your choice.

Writing with Fleur was such an awesome experience… and I’d just like to blame all the really screwed up parts on her. No doubt she’d say the exact same thing about me, though, so I’ll leave you to decide who’s lying… 😉

When the circus comes to town, what will you see on the other side of the mirror?

Max has always been able to see things that aren’t there…or perhaps his visions show people’s true natures, in their reflections.

When he visits the circus one night, the last thing he expects is to fall in lust with the sexy knife-thrower, Lady Stiletto. But when he follows her into the funhouse – and into the hall of mirrors – they are both sucked into a warped and twisted world where time moves differently and nothing is what it seems…

Can Max find Lady Stiletto and save her from the madness of the mirror world? Or will he find only an echo, driven mad by the carnival of horrors they’ve been plunged into?

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