5 Stars for ‘Dominance and Deception’!

This amazing five-star review landed in my inbox today – I’m so flattered and pleased!

I’m thrilled with Ms. Valenti’s characters because none of the BDSM people are in the lifestyle due to some messed up abuse from their past […] Instead, they are everyday normal people who love to get the kink on. Oh boy, is the kink hot.

This D/s relationship, which also included a very hot ménage with Faye subbing for two men, made me want to jump my spouse […] Her techniques are pure D/s with some great mind fucking. […] Going back to basics is pretty hot […]

While it’s easy to categorize this book as a BDSM book, it’s more than just a sex book. The plot development was tightly written, detailing the work life of people in law enforcement. The twists and turns in the story kept me constantly guessing and wanting to know what was next. I loved how her story surprised me at each turn. There were no predictable scenarios and outcomes. It is so refreshing to read a romance story where the couple didn’t immediately move in with each other and profess their undying love within weeks of meeting. The book takes us through two years of loving and growth between Zack and Faye. Watching them grow closer together and the ups and downs in their relationship brought a smile to my face.

Happiness and joy! 😀

You can read the full review at The Romance Reviews, where it’s classed as a Top Pick. *squee*

The Romance Review

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