A Shocking Kiss

Sunday again already? Awesome. 😀 Time for a snog!

This week’s is from my Shocked rewrite, out on 19th December.

“You really do trust people too much.”

“What can you do to me in my apartment that you haven’t already had the opportunity to do?” she asked reasonably, then inwardly cringed at the way the words sounded. She had a few ideas, and they seemed so damn attractive right then…

“I don’t think you need me to answer that question,” Nick said, his voice almost inaudible, but masculine in a way that made her heart skip.

To give herself time to recover her poise, she got out of the car. “At least walk me to the door. You know, in case he’s lying in wait for me.”

Amused, he joined her on the pavement, and together they walked up the path to the building’s front door. “There, was that so hard?” she teased. “You can come inside, too, if you want to…”

“Are you sure you want to keep me this close?”

Intrigued by his reluctant demeanour, she laid a hand on his arm, and the connection between them flared. He returned her gaze, and she sensed the conflict within him. “Why are you still holding back?”

It took only a second for his resistance to crumble, and when his hand cupped her face, her eyes fell closed as she leaned into his touch. She felt his breath against her lips as he murmured, “Because even though I don’t kill my sources, I’m not human. I’m predator, you’re prey, and when you fought to get away from me, I enjoyed that you were powerless against me, no matter how much you struggled.”

Despite herself, Lissa felt a quiver of lust slip down her spine. “I don’t care,” she whispered, turning her face into his hand and kissing his wrist gently. “You didn’t kill me earlier tonight. I don’t think you ever would. And I really, really want you to fuck me.”

Nick took a deep breath – in, then out slowly. Her heart raced, and she nuzzled his jawline; not kissing, not yet, but close, so close. His soft exhalation against her ear gave her goosebumps, and he leaned into the brush of her cheekbone against his, mimicking her slow, affectionate movements.

The tip of his nose brushed the side of hers, and she turned her head, her lips grazing his cheek. He kissed hers in return; once, twice, travelling across her skin in infinitesimal steps toward his destination. Her breath trembled, and she tensed with the anticipation, desperate for him to get there.

She turned her head a fraction with each kiss, speeding him along, and then pressed her lips against his, lightly and sweetly, the tip of her tongue flicking out to run across his lower lip.

When he responded, drawing her body tight against his and deepening the kiss, she wound her arms around his neck and gave him everything: heated enthusiasm, seductive technique and playful teasing, all at once. Delicious tingles flowed over her skin. Was it her imagination, or was he literally electrifying her senses?

His hand slipped to the back of her head, and he took control from her, kissing with a confident sensuality that turned her on beyond measure. She felt the beginnings of his erection pressing against her again, and the pleasurable tingling increased, seeming to concentrate right between her thighs, exactly where she longed to feel him.

When his lips wandered down her throat to nip at the fluttering pulse-point beneath her lizard tattoo, she whispered, “Come inside.”

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