Suzanne Graham Introduces Leila

Today, Suzanne Graham is here to let us know a little about her protagonist from Never Letting Go, Leila. Great to have you here, Suzanne!


Name: Leila

Age: Late 20s

Appearance: As she is described by her best friend, Ree, “The woman is stunning with her Spanish and Indian ancestry. Her black hair is silky smooth, her eyes dark and seductive, and her lips seem perpetually quirked in a wicked little smile. There is no apology in her attitude for having the complete package—beauty and brains.”

Sexual orientation: She thought she was straight until she surrendered to her attraction to her best friend.

Distinguishing marks: No piercings or tattoos yet, but maybe she and Ree will get matching flowers in the future.

Temperament: When they started working together, Leila and Ree immediately bonded as friends with a common interest in science and technology, as well as shared addictions to chocolate and Thai food. Being two of only a few females in a male-dominated field makes their friendship even more precious to Leila and makes her less willing to risk acting on her sensual feelings for Ree.

POV excerpt:

In the mirror’s reflection, Leila’s gaze flicked from the aubergine dress that complemented her olive skin to Ree’s face. Sadness swamped her. She didn’t want to wear this dress for Patrick, or for any man. She wanted to wear it for Ree, to see the appreciation that now shone in Ree’s eyes as she spun around the dance floor with her best friend. They’d make a striking couple with Ree’s fair coloring and Leila’s darker looks.

Love interest’s impression of him/her:

Ree absorbed the image of Leila standing there with the curve of her breasts rising above the purple gown, her shiny hair swept up from her graceful neck, and her lips rosy from Ree’s kisses. She wanted to etch the memory of their “experiment” permanently in her mind before she had to go back into the real world.

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Thanks for having me, Amy!

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