R. A. Padmos Introduces Daniël Borghart

Today I’m welcoming R. A. Padmos to my blog, to introduce her hottie, Daniël Borghart. Thanks for coming over!


Name: Daniël Borghart

Strictly speaking, he’s not the protagonist of Ravages, Steve Gavan is, but we get to know him pretty well.

Age: 23

Nationality: Dutch

Profession: Professional football (soccer) player at a (fictional) English Premier League club, where he plays as a central defender.

Appearance: Tall (1,88 m) somewhat skinny when not in training, dark-blond/brownish hair that’s kind of hard to keep in control, grey/blue eyes, freckles. Looks younger than his actual age.

Sexual orientation: Gay.

Distinguishing marks: Has two tattoos on his arms, one with mors vincit omnia (death always wins) and another with: Cor aut mors (the heart or death).

Temperament: At the start of the story, Daniël is a young, ambitious, carefree, intelligent guy, who totally loves to have sex with Steve. After the attack on Steve, he has no choice but to either continue his silence or grow up very quickly.

There is this deep anger inside of him, without him ever becoming aggressive (except on the football pitch) Not just because of what happened to Steve, but also because he realises he was, with all good intentions, both a victim and part of the problem.

Protagonist’s impression of him/her:

The boy, for what Steve saw was a boy in all the word implies, had simply been one of the items on manager Arnaud Degaré’s shopping list.

He tasted like boy turning into man, like sweets and beer.

Memorable quote: (To Steve) “You see, I’m not such a perfect guy. I wanted it all, playing football and having you.”

(To the press)  “I’m here because I won’t accept that the man I love is getting dragged through the mud while fighting for his life. I defend him because he can’t.

(To Steve) “You did nothing worse than what was taught to us: to be second class people with second class relationships. Oh, it’s perfectly normal nowadays, society has become all modern and open; it’s just not me or any other footballer.”

(To Steve) “If I would be allowed, I would kill them. They don’t even have to suffer; I’ve seen enough of that in the past months. But I’m not, and so I have to leave them behind. But how do I do that?”

(About Steve) “I had managed the first 23 years without him just fine and from one moment to another, it stopped being an option.”

“His body has been my home during all these years. My anchor. And I, by whatever undeserved miracle, was his all.”

Read more: Ravages, by R. A. Padmos, has been published in e-book format by Manifold Press.

Blurb: Steve Gavan and Daniël Borghart are professional football players for Kinbridge Town – and also secret lovers.  All that changes, however, when Steve innocently wanders into a city park and falls victim to a vicious gang of queer-bashers who beat him within an inch of his life.  After that there are no secrets any more – and it’s a very long road back, for both of them, from there…

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