Cover Squee: Shocked

This morning I got the all-clear to show this little pretty off to you! Shocked (version 2.0) will be out on December 19th, and the cover looks like this:

Just a reminder of what the rewrite’s all about:

One wants to drain her. The other just wants her…

Nick is a psivore – he feeds from the life forces of humans, and he’s not the only one of his kind. He’s been tracking a vicious killer for months, and he’s pretty sure where his enemy will strike next.

Lissa has the strongest life force in the area, but she doesn’t even know it. When Nick tracks her to a club, hoping the killer will show up to drain her energy, it’s lust at first sight. Can he protect her from the violent intentions of the psivore he seeks, and will Lissa accept him for who – and what – he is?

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