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My co-author and awesome friend, Paige Turner, is guest blogging today about our erotic horror short, and collaboration in general. I can also really recommend her debut novella, Temporary Trouble, because I’ve read it and it’s amazing!

Over to Paige:


Thank you to the lovely Amy Valenti for inviting me to guest blog with her to promote my new release, Temporary Trouble. It’s available for pre-order here.

If contemporary ménage with a dollop of funny and a smidgen of kinky isn’t your cup of tea, Amy and I are collaborating on a creepy story for submission to Total-E-Bound’s Scared Stiff collection. It’s a learning experience.

For example, I have learned that I should not write horror stories after dark, unless I want to spend the next few hours in a state of terrified sleeplessness, convinced that something ghastly is going to leap out and eat me.

But I’ve also learned about collaboration. It’s a slightly strange process. I’m so used to having complete control of my stories, knowing in advance, more or less, where the story is going. While Amy and I did thrash out the plot before we started writing, she still manages to take the characters in directions I would never have anticipated.

It’s awesome. It challenges me out of my comfort zone and makes me really stretch my imagination and experiment with scenarios I would never have come up with by myself.

German composer Klaus Schulze said, “As always in a musical collaboration: You have to like each other. As simple as that.” Tom Clancy, on the other hand, holds that, “Collaboration on a book is the ultimate unnatural act.”

And there you have Amy and me in a nutshell – we like each other, and we’re interested in unnatural acts. The first makes for a successful collaboration. The second, hopefully, will make for a thoroughly creepy and very hot read.

Do you like to collaborate, or do you prefer to keep complete control over your characters? Let us know in the comments!

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