Lisabet Sarai Introduces Zeke Chambers

Today I’m letting the lovely Lisabet Sarai take the spotlight to introduce one of her hotties from her forthcoming Wild About That Thing: Zeke Chambers. Welcome, Lisabet!

Name: Zeke (Ezekiel) Chambers

Age: Forty one.

Appearance: Zeke is a solid, muscular guy, over six feet tall, with the build of a football player. His straw-blonde hair tends to fall into his blue eyes. He has a full beard, sensual lips, and an open, easy-going smile. His fair complexion means he blushes easily; he also gets red-faced when someone arouses his temper. Overall he gives a bearish impression.

Zeke is a blues guitarist and vocalist from Mississippi. When he’s performing at Ruby’s Crossroads Blues Club, he tends to wear tight jeans that show off his powerful physique. He exudes a quiet masculinity, self-confident rather than macho.

Sexual orientation:  Enthusiastically heterosexual. However, he’s not homophobic. He has no problem getting involved in a menage with Ruby and  Remy. 

Distinguishing marks: Nothing is mentioned in the book, but in fact Zeke has an American flag tattooed on his right bicep.

Temperament: Zeke is friendly and outgoing, a born performer who lights up the stage.  He’s seen the darker side of life – he makes his living as a New York City cabbie – but there’s still an innocent warmth about his character that hasn’t been killed by his experiences in the cold, violent city. He’s a bit of tease, with a hearty sense of humor. On the other hand, when he’s angry he can be scary. He’s slow to take offense, but when he does, you don’t want to be in the same room with him.

The blues is in Zeke’s blood.  He’s been playing and singing since he was a kid down in the south, and it shows.

Protagonist’s impression of him/her:

Up front, the Night Travellers hit a dark groove, wailing through Born Under a Bad Sign. Zeke’s fingers flew over the strings, improvising a high riff, while Jojo’s bass kept the song grounded. “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all,” Zeke growled, torturing his guitar to match the pain in his voice. Damn, but the man sounded black, despite the mop of straw-coloured hair he kept pushing out of his eyes. Born in Mississippi, he must’ve soaked up blues in the water and the air. Certainly he could play with the best. Ruby was lucky to have him and his band, given the pittance she could afford to pay them.

As if he sensed her attention, Zeke picked her out of the shadows at the back of the club. She felt the warmth of the smile he beamed to her, a smile totally at odds with the desperate mood of the song. You know why Zeke plays here, her inner critic commented. You’re just taking advantage of him.

He gets what he wants, she argued with the internal voice that sounded so very much like her mother’s. I treat him fine. Of course, she got as much out of their relationship as he did. Zeke was a strong man with powerful desires. He could set her on fire. It wasn’t her fault that he was so sentimental. You wouldn’t expect it from a rough and tumble guy like Zeke Chambers—ten years a New York cabbie, a guy who’d seen every horror the city could dish out.

The crowd erupted into claps and whistles as the Travellers finished their number. “Thank you kindly, ladies and gentlemen.” A decade in New York hadn’t erased the softness of the South from Zeke’s speech. “Welcome to our first open mic night here at the Crossroads. Hope you brought your axe, your sax or your harp—if you didn’t, well, hell, you can borrow ours! Everybody gets the blues sometimes. This is the place to let it all out!”

Fresh applause greeted Zeke’s invitation. He stood up there on the platform—his hands jammed into the pockets of his jeans jacket, his axe hanging around his neck—and grinned like the country boy he used to be. At six-foot-one, with the solid build of a halfback, Zeke was an imposing figure. He’d broken up more than one drunken brawl for her over the past two years and he had a temper that could be scary. To Ruby and Isaiah, though, he’d been nothing but kind. Whatever success the Crossroads could claim was largely due to him.

What’s Zeke like in bed?

“Wake up, baby. You’ve gotta go.”

In one smooth motion, Zeke rolled towards her and gathered her into his arms. Her breasts flattened against his furry chest. “Let me stay, hon,” he murmured, nuzzling the sweet spot under her ear. His thickening cock prodded at the sticky juncture of her thighs. “It’s still early…”

“Nearly six,” Ruby replied, relaxing into his embrace despite herself. “Isaiah will be up soon. You know how I feel.”

“You feel wonderful,” Zeke replied, kneading her breast with one hand while wriggling the other between their bodies, down to her pussy. Ruby sucked in her breath as his fingers slipped inside her folds to stroke her clit. “And I can make you feel even better…”

“Zeke…” she began. He stopped her objections with a deep kiss. His moustache tickled her upper lip. She tasted the bourbon he drank between sets. She loved his soft, lush mouth—she couldn’t pretend otherwise. The leisurely way his tongue played with hers suggested that he’d be happy doing nothing but kissing her forever.

“You don’t really want me to go,” he continued when they broke for air. “You’re soaking wet, and your clit—” Ruby moaned as he flicked the swollen nub with one calloused digit. “—your clit is like a little marble.”

“Yes… Oh, God, yes…”

Zeke reared up and settled back onto his heels, his fingers still dancing between her legs. “You couldn’t wait to get my clothes off earlier,” he commented. It was true. As soon as the club closed, Ruby had practically dragged him up the stairs to her apartment. “But I can tell you haven’t had enough yet.”


Memorable quote: “When everything goes to shit, you’ve still got blues to lift you up. It’s a strange kind of magic, how singin’ about trouble and sorrow can bring you so much joy.”

Read more: Zeke is one of the two heros in my upcoming release M/F/M menage story, Wild About That Thing. It will be released by Total-E-Bound as part of the Treble anthology in September. For up to date information, visit

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