Sunday Snog: Dominance and Deception

It’s my first time participating in Victoria Blisse’s ‘Sunday Snog‘, but I doubt it’ll be the last!

Read on for a kiss scene from my debut novel, Dominance and Deception, which is out on 10th October. It’ll be available to preorder from tomorrow, so if you want more, check out the TEB page! Be warned – this is more than just a kiss! ;D

She withdrew from me at the instant that a single touch could have made me come, kneeling motionless between my legs as my mind rejoiced that I was still in control and my body cried out the strongest protest I’d ever known. I didn’t realise I’d called her something I’d sworn not to call any woman until she laughed delightedly, switching positions again and sinking back down onto my cock before I had time to catch my breath.

“You better watch out there, detective… I might get offended and go for that shower.”

Her actions belied her words, however, as she began to take me with delicious movements of her hips. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch her that I could almost feel her skin against my hands, but all I could do was let her take control—my legs were tied so I couldn’t gain any purchase against the mattress to drive myself deeper. She’d planned for this, and the realisation frustrated me even more.

So I whispered the same insult again against her lips as she leant down to kiss me. “Teasing little cunt…”

She moaned without restraint, tense and trembling as the words took her higher. She loved the fact she’d made me say it, and the realisation that I’d discovered a new kink of hers swept me right up to the edge of reason. A fraction of a second after our lips met, she came hard, her orgasm pushing me, pushing me…

I was barely hanging on by a thread, not even caring about the consequences, just desperate to come, when suddenly she was gone. God knows how she’d managed to slide off the bed in the middle of an orgasm that strong, but somehow she had, and she was now on the floor, watching me through lust-darkened eyes as she recovered.

God damn it, she can read me too well…

She’d known exactly what letting herself come again would do to me.

“Faye…” I growled, using the tone she referred to as my ‘Dom voice’.

Regaining her equilibrium, she stood up, her limbs shaking a little, and sat between my legs again.

“This ends whenever you want it to, detective,” she reminded me, preparing to deny me for a third time. “I can get off whenever I want—I can go on like this all night if I have to.”

I didn’t doubt it, but I was hoping her sense of mercy would kick in before my stubbornness gave out. And so as she went down again, her hot, skilful tongue taking me back from barely-bearable pleasure to the edge of madness, the only pleas were in my mind, even as she took me higher than I’d ever thought I could go. I had no idea what she was doing to me, but I couldn’t make myself feel this good…

The thought was fleeting, the last coherent one I had before I forgot how. And when I came to my senses again, aching and unfulfilled, she was sitting calmly in place, waiting for me to drop to a level where she could begin tormenting me once more.

I couldn’t find the words to express how pissed off I was with her, and how much that fuelled my need for her. She read the anger at the edges of my shattered composure on my face and crawled up my body to meet my furious kiss, using her position on top of me to push back my tongue with hers and further take control from me. She tugged gently at the collar around my throat, reminding me of my status in this scene.

“You wanna come? It’s in your hands. I can’t end this for you, boy,” she whispered, and slowly guided me inside her again, as if wary of pushing me too far. When she started to move, I groaned my frustration, loving her, hating her, needing to stop, to safe word, to let go, to come or else to take a three-hour-long, ice-cold shower…

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