Scared Stiff!

So, today I’ve been hashing out the plot of an erotic horror story with my dear friend (and fellow TEB author) Paige Turner, for the ‘Scared Stiff’ anthology that’s due out in spring 2012.

The trouble with putting two horror buffs in this situation is that a LOT of scarily screwed-up plot points are born! Hopefully we’ll be able to make sure there’s a healthy dose of erotica in there, too, along with the disfigured mermaids and carnival freaks…

Watch this space for more updates on my first erotica collaboration/possible anthology story!

2 thoughts on “Scared Stiff!

  1. paigeturnerwrites says:

    It’s going to be SUCH FUN. Always assuming it doesn’t mutate into a 150,000 word monstrosity, the first in a seventeen-book series. Which could happen.

    Toddling off to get our hero into position to be menaced now!

  2. Amy Valenti says:

    That would be awesome! Well, except for having to split the royalties for every book in half. ;D Though if we become the next Amazing Sensations of the Literary World, then that’s not such a hardship. 😉

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