Sara York Introduces Jake Grant

Today, Sara York introduces Jake Grant, one of her characters from Working It Out. Welcome, Sara!

Jake Grant

Age: Early thirties

Appearance: Jake is into working out. He’s a master at lifting weights. He’s buff and has the confidence that goes along with it. Jake has blue eyes, brown hair. His face is chiseled but his smile is kind. He’s the type of man people drool over and respect.

Sexual orientation: Gay

Temperament: Jake is a confident man. He owns and runs his own company. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. But with the death of his partner only six months past he’s a bit shell-shocked.

Distinguishing marks: His muscles. Jake has worked on those muscles for years. He loves helping other people reach their fitness goals, and one way he proves it is by staying in shape.

POV excerpt:

He shook off the feeling then faced Lance. “I was involved with Mark for thirteen years. I never dated another man. I’m not good at this flirting thing. I’m into long-term monogamous relationships.”

“I understand. I shouldn’t have kissed you the other day and then ran off.”

Jake threw back his head and laughed. His eyes watered, and his stomach and shoulder hurt by the time he finished. “I’m not laughing at you. But look at me compared to you. I could have stopped you if I wanted to.”

Lance chuckled, revealing one dimple in his right cheek. Jake liked the sound of his laugh and liked the way that dimple popped. He liked a lot about Lance, but he didn’t want to get involved again. Not yet and he certainly didn’t want a fuck buddy. He wanted what he had with Mark again, not that that was a possibility.

“So, you do need to be seen again.” Lance reached out and rubbed Jake’s arm right where the pain started. “I promise I’ll behave.”

Jake pushed Lance up against the wall and pinned his arms to his sides. “But what if I don’t behave?”

Lance licked his lips, his gaze zeroing in on Jake’s lips.

The kiss was Jake’s for the taking.

He pushed away, leaving Lance standing alone. “I need to go. See you on Saturday.”

“Sure.” Lance followed him to the door but blocked his exit. “Answer me this.”


“Were you thinking about kissing me back there?”

Jake’s first reaction was to say no. He didn’t know why, maybe it was because he felt like a shit right now. Mark hadn’t been gone that long, and here he was thinking about having sex for the hell of it. Fuck, it wasn’t for the hell of it, he was actually thinking about seeing Lance again, developing a relationship.

Shit, this was all Lance’s fault. Hell, yeah, Jake wanted to kiss, lick, fuck then do some more with Lance.

Jake cleared his throat and stepped back. “You’re a nice guy, but don’t think there’s anything between us.”

Lance stepped aside. The hurt on his face made Jake’s heart ache.

He clenched his fists and stepped out the door, grasping the handle to pull it closed.

But he couldn’t leave Lance that way.

Before he could change his mind, Jake walked back into Lance’s house, shut the front door and wrapped his arms around Lance.

The first slide of his lips against Lance’s made Jake’s heart quicken. Then he traced his tongue against the pout of Lance’s mouth, begging for entrance. Lance groaned and opened to Jake’s request. Jake’s body melted into Lance as he pressed him up against the wall. This was what he’d been missing for the last six months. For a brief moment he felt like he’d come home. His head swam and his heart pounded.

Jake leant into the kiss, letting his cock grow hard against Lance’s warm, inviting body. Every touch brought a rush of excitement. His breath came in gasps. This kiss was almost like it had been with Mark, but better.

The memory of his old lover blasted away any desire Jake had for Lance. Dropping his pants and fucking the guy would be wrong if all he would be thinking about was Mark and wondering why Lance felt better than anything Jake had shared with his partner of thirteen years.

Tears formed in his eyes and his throat tightened. Jake pulled away. “I lied, I was thinking about kissing you, maybe fucking you too…but I can’t do that right now. I’ll see you Saturday.”

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