Club Alterna Series Progress

So, let me talk a little more about my new Club Alterna series. Floored is book one, followed by Suspended, Captured and Swayed. After that, who knows?

You can find more detailed synopses of the books, along with unofficial artwork of the protagonists of each one, on this page.

Club Alterna 3: Captured is coming along rather nicely. Isabelle is shaping up a little differently than I’d imagined her – a little snappy at times, and even shy on occasion, which I’d never have thought when I first created her character for Floored. Then again, she’s pretty peripheral in that story – she gets maybe three mentions. I might flesh her out a little better in my Floored edits.

As for Smurfette a.k.a. Alex, the blue-haired protagonist of Suspended, the second book in the series… I might have to rethink her story, since I don’t think I can convincingly write suspension bondage without trying it myself, and as you can imagine, it takes a little more expertise than beginner stuff to pull off.


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