Introducing Jared Lancaster

I decided it’d be an interesting idea to introduce my main characters – and to get other authors to do the same in guest posts. So I might as well start off with my main guy from my upcoming September release, Battle of Thrills:

Jared Lancaster

Age: 30s

Appearance: Do I lose respect points if I say ‘like Nathan Fillion’? I know he’s not regarded as THE sexiest man alive, but there’s something about him… He’s on my list of ‘men I would date if I was straight’. And it’s not a long list!

Sexual orientation: Straight.

Temperament: Confident. Used to getting his own way. Imaginative – which is important, given that the ‘battle of thrills’ referred to in the title is his idea. He’s also determined and stubborn, which are traits he and Elle, the book’s heroine, share.

Distinguishing marks: No tattoos and no uber-dramatic scars, but then, Elle has enough tattoos for the both of them…

POV excerpt:

Jared glanced up from his computer screen as Elle approached his workstation, holding out a cardboard cup. “Figured you’d need the pick-me-up.”

He took it from her grasp, and his fingers accidentally brushed hers, sending an electric shock through him. It was the first time since they’d begun their game that they’d made physical contact, and he hadn’t meant to do so just then.

He tightened his fingers around the cup while Elle instinctively jumped and pulled away, her eyebrows shooting up and a slight victory smile tugging at her lips. “Doesn’t count,” he murmured, barely loud enough for her to hear.

“Oh, it so does,” she said, sotto voce, before spinning to offer Kayla Morris, the Courier’s celebrity correspondent, a fruit smoothie.

While the rest of them thanked her for the breakfast, Jared watched her thoughtfully, sipping his coffee. Catching her eye again a second later, he murmured, “Sick of playing so soon?”

She cocked her head to one side, her eyes narrowed in contemplation. “Okay, it doesn’t count—just this once. And I get the same. Anything after that and it’s game over.”

“Deal,” he conceded quietly, while in the background Kyle and Tom bickered about the best way to spend a weekend. She shot him a sunny smile and chipped into their conversation, sitting on the edge of Jared’s desk and pulling the material of her skirt a little further up her thighs, exposing a fraction more of her pale, smooth flesh.

He tried to ignore it, tried to push out of his mind images of leaning forward and trailing kisses over every visible inch of skin, from her knee to the hem of the skirt. It was more difficult than he’d expected, and when she left her perch to examine Tom’s newest electronic gadget he gave a small sigh of relief.

Memorable quote:

“Now it’s your turn to do the imagining,” he said softly. “Imagine your fingers are mine…my hands on your body, my fingers fucking you until you scream out for me…”

Battle of Thrills will be released on September 26th by Total-E-Bound Publishing. Watch this space for preorder links!

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