Of Sawdust & Seduction and an Untitled Novella

Yay! Of Sawdust and Seduction has a new home with Breathless Press – it’s still only 6,000 words, because I didn’t want to stretch it out just for the sake of getting it to 10K (the Total-E-Bound minimum word count). So I went looking for somewhere that accepted shorter works, and OS&S was picked up!


In other news, I’m pulling together a kinky novella that revolves around a stubborn switch’s determination not to submit to the Dom she secretly is desperate to kneel for. It’s looking like it’ll be around 22K when it’s done (which means it will get its own cover art if my TEB editor picks it up – squee!).

Aaaand I may have just spent a LOT of money on merchandise with my Dominance and Deception cover on it. Oops. 😉

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