Happy Endings

This post isn’t what you think it’s about! 😉 It’s actually about the part after that.

I’ve finished the majority of the first tale in my Suppression universe. I’ve had my characters lust after each other, distrust each other, get scared, get happy, get it on, and now they’re revealing a few post-coital secrets.

I’m a little stuck for how to end it, though. I can’t answer all the questions just now, and there’s lots left to explore… including an entire political regime to overthrow. But hey, they’ve just had sex, all that can wait for another day.

So do I segment this into a series of shorts, or do I try and novelise it? That is the question. The whole ‘some writers write to write, and some writers write to have written’ thing applies to me on both sides. I want to have it finished… but I also want to see where it’s going to take me. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet.

So I’m taking a break for the night. I’ll decide later.

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